The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to convert from public transport to private transport. In an effort to help and rival other manufacturers, they have recently launched Maruti Suzuki Subscribe service for their various cars. The subscription will only be available in Gurugram and Bangalore as of now. 

What is Maruti Suzuki Subscribe?

Maruti Suzuki Subscribe

Just like Zoomcar, Revv and other car rental agencies, Maruti Suzuki Subscribe offers to deliver the car without paying the full price. But there is a fundamental difference here. Maruti Suzuki leases their car for a particular period of time and there is a compulsory lock-in period to consider too.  Maruti in its previous schemes only provided corporate clients with this option but the new scheme allows individual car buyers to take advantage of the deal.

Which cars are available?

Maruti Baleno

 As of now, Maruti has announced that Swift, Swift Dzire, Brezza, Ertiga will be offered from its Arena dealerships. Nexa will provide Baleno, Ciaz and XL6 for lease under the Maruti Suzuki Subscribe. 

Is there a Catch?

Lock-in period will be applied whenever you lease the car through Maruti Suzuki Subscribe.  There are different lock-in period for different tenures. 

Tenure periodLock-in period
24 months12 months
36 months18 months
48 months24 months

Maruti Vitara Brezza

Lock-in period is roughly 50% time of your total tenure.  If you wish to return the car before the lock-in period, you will have to pay for the remaining months of the period plus an extra three months cost. For example, your tenure is 36 months and you wish to return the car after 15 months. As a result, you will pay 18-15=3 months plus an additional 3 months of service cost. Your total effective cost will be 6 months extra. 

If you return the car after the lock-in period but before the tenure period, you just have to pay 2-3 months extra. Instead, why not Consider buying a used car?


Maruti Suzuki Subscribe is a new car leasing service launched in partnership with Orix.  All post-sales operations like maintenance, service and insurance claims will be handled by Orix. You just have to pay the monthly pre-decided amount.  Customers also receive 24X7 roadside assistance with their subscription.  Hyundai, MG and Volkswagen too provide similar offers for their cars.

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