The new Maruti Ertiga 2018 will be launched in India soon. The launch has been postponed. The car will come later this year, in the end of November. It could be October end. Mahindra has already launched the Marazzo and beat Maruti to the market with the launch of it’s latest 7 seater on sale. The latest on the Ertiga is that it will get a new six-speed transmission. It will also be getting the new petrol engine from the Ciaz.

We have exclusive images of the interiors of the new Ertiga, thanks to our reader Satish Saini. The pics show a six speed manual unit which as mentioned is coming on this car. The Maruti Ertiga 2018 will be very competitive on the pricing part of the deal. The Ertiga will be the first car to get the same. This will be followed by the Ciaz as well. The Maruti Ertiga 2018 will also get an 1.5-litre petrol engine with smart hybrid technology.The Ertiga 2018 is an all new vehicle built on the Heartect platform. The only upcoming car that will not use this platform by Maruti is the WagonR. The Maruti Swift and Dzire also share the underpinnings of this platform. This makes the Ertiga lighter and even bigger. The Ertiga 2018 will offer more space inside. The performance, mileage and driving dynamics will see significant improvements. The new Ertiga will also come with additional new features.

Also now there are some great new, exclusive pictures of the car being tested ans spotted by an avid reader. There are some of the design elements we have been talking about and have shown you earlier. Theses photos revel design cues of the rear of the car

2018 Maruti Ertiga taillamp

The Maruti Ertiga 2018 will be an improvement over the current model. It will also look much more premium. It will be interesting to see if how the Maruti Ertiga 2018 performs. The new-gen Maruti Ertiga 2018 is longer. There will be three rows of seating, but with more space and a bigger boot. The Maruti Ertiga 2018 is also wider than before, hence it will be more comfortable to accommodate three adults in the second row. There shall be more features on offer. The Ertiga will get projector headlamps with daytime running LEDs, LED tail lamps and 16-inch tyres. The Maruti Ertiga 2018 will have better interiors. The second row will offer more knee room. The third row is going to be more roomy and comfortable.

Maruti New Ertiga 2018 Launch Date

Maruti Ertiga 2018 Dates

April 18

Launch November 2019

The new Maruti Ertiga 2018 was to be launched by September 2018. This was the expected timeline for this new MUV to make it into the Indian car market. Maruti is looking at adding more products to the Indian car market. The Maruti Ertiga 2018 will now be delayed further. The car, according to one source is now being postponed till November. This will be right around Diwali. Maruti has also done this with the reason being that the car could cause a huge waiting list in Diwali. There will be no way that they could fulfill the demand easily and fast with this car coming during Diwali.

Maruti Ertiga 2018

 Maruti New Ertiga 2018 Price in India

Variants Price
LXi 7.5 lakhs
VXi 8.7 lakhs
VXi AMT 9.3 lakhs
ZXi 9.2 lakhs
ZXi AMT 9.9 lakhs
ZXi+ 10.2 lakhs
ZXi+ AMT 10.8 lakhs
VXi CNG 9.25 lakhs
ZXi CNG 10.0 lakhs
LDi 9.8 lakhs
VDi 10.5 lakhs
VDi AMT 11.1 lakhs
ZDi 11.2 lakhs
ZDi AMT 11.9 lakhs
ZDi+ 12 lakhs
ZDi+ AMT 12.8 lakhs

The Maruti Ertiga 2018 price point important. This is one area that Maruti cannot go wrong. Hence, the pricing will not change too much. The Maruti Ertiga 2018 price will be somewhere in the range of  7.5 lakhs and go up to 12.8 lakhs. It will see a slight price hike. The hike is due because the Maruti Ertiga 2018 will be bigger and have more space on offer too. The increase in its pricing will majorly be for the top model. The price is going to put it directly in competition with the newly launched Marazzo. The car will not be as big as the Marazzo though. It will be smaller in that comparison.

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Maruti New Ertiga 2018 Interior

Maruti ertiga 2018 interior

The interiors are all new. They are similar to the new DZire as they will offer somewhat some design. Like the Dzire, there will be inserts of faux wood to the dashboard and doors. There will be a new design for the AC vents, stylish wooden touches, all beige interiors. A large touchscreen system will be on offer. There will be push start and stop, keyless entry, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Dual airbags and ABS will be a standard feature.

One of the most impressive bits about the new Ertiga 2018 interior will be the space and the quality. The materials will look a lot more premium than they are at the moment. The seat quality, the fabric will be much better than the current vehicle. The cupholders will have a cooling function.

2018 Maruti Ertiga 3

The wheelbase will be increased. This will mean that the new MUV will have better knee room for rear passengers. Whats more they will even offer better space too for the third row of passengers. The Maruti Ertiga 2018 will be coming with all the new best in class features. The space too will see an increase. Maruti is looking at making it more spacious than before.

The pics also depict that the India-spec version will get automatic climate control. However there is no cruise control on offer. There is a touchscreen system. This is the same unit seen on the Dzire and Swift. The second row seat gets a 60:40 split and the third row seat has a 50:50 split.

The boot too shall see an increase in its size. The Ertiga 2018 will offer more than sufficient power and space. The boot will be larger as there is an increase in the length.


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Maruti Ertiga 2018 Engine and Transmission

In terms of engines, there will be a new 1.5-litre petrol engine that will produce about 100bhp of power. The petrol engine will be offered with the five-speed manual and a automatic four-speed gearbox from the Ciaz. There will be a CNG option also available with this engine. It will be a factory fitted unit. The CNG will strictly come with a manual transmission only. The 1.3-litre diesel engine will produce about 90bhp of power and will come with a six-speed manual and AMT variants as well. Maruti seems to be ready to offer AMT on all its vehicles now. Recently the Vitara Brezza also got launched with an AMT in diesel. There is a chance of the Ertiga also getting a diesel AMT. 

Maruti Ertiga 2018 spy pic 3

The top model, ZDI plus will offer more features. It should also get an AMT gearbox. The same 5-speed unit offered earlier.

Maruti Ertiga 2018 six speed gearbox spied

Maruti Ertiga 2018 Dimensions









Boot Space

153 litres

Maruti Ertiga 2018 Design

The new MUV gets a sharp design sharp design. It looks more premium now. The front reminds you of the Innova Crysta. There is a wide front grille with chrome surround and the headlamps are sweptback large ones. This will offer projector lamps and even daytime running LEDs as well. There shall be 16-inch wheels on offer. The side profile is sleek and proportioned. The rear too is all new and looks more premium now. The over all appeal is now better.

In terms of dimensions, there won’t be a big change. The length has increased a bit and even the height is about 5mm more. The width has also increased. However, the wheelbase is the same. This has improved the space inside the car. The Ertiga now looks matured and more premium. This has worked in its favour and Maruti will continue to add more to its current USP of the Ertiga. There will be an increase in its length and even the bells and whistles too.

One of the strongest points for the new Ertiga will be its styling. The new-gen Marutis are looking stylish and this will be one of the talking points for this MUV. It will look premium and will offer some exciting colors too.

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Maruti Ertiga 2018 Specifications

The new 2018 Ertiga will be lighter. The Maruti Ertiga 2018’s petrol engine will be a new 1.5-litre unit. This will be producing about 100bhp of power and shall be offered with a six-speed manual transmission. This engine had good enough power, now it will see an improvement in performance. The lighter chassis will mean better performance and driving dynamics. The need to shift gears in city traffic will see a reduction. We are of the opinion that the 2018 Maruti Ertiga will get five-speed AMT this time instead of an automatic. The CNG will also come on the same engine, but only with the VXi model.

New Maruti DZire 2017 engine

The diesel will be a 1.5-litre unit  that will churn about 110bhp of power and 230Nm of maximum torque. This engine will also have more than sufficient power to drive it. This will be a good option for daily use, be it performance or traffic. This engine will be ideal for those who are looking at going on long drives. This engine too will have a six-speed manual and AMT option. Mileage is overall expected to improve.

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Maruti Ertiga 2018

Maruti Ertiga 2018 Mileage

The new 2018 Ertiga will have much higher mileage. The petrol manual will return about 18km/l and the petrol AMT about will offer 19km/l. The diesel manual will have an efficiency of about 25km/l and the AMT will have about 24km/l. The AMT and manual will not have much of a difference in their fuel efficiency. About 5% will be lower on the AMT, majorly in the city. On the highway, both should have similar mileage.

Overall, the new Maruti Ertiga 2018 India will see an improvement in design, quality, space, features, performance, mileage and even driving dynamics. This will make it an exciting product to consider.

Maruti Ertiga 2018 Competition

The Maruti Ertiga 2018 directly  competes with Renault’s Lodgy. The Lodgy is a bigger car than the Ertiga. The Renault also offers a more powerful engine with a 6 speed gearbox. The Lodgy has a far bigger boot than the Ertiga and has a bigger fuel tank. There are more features on the Lodgy than the Ertiga. The new car has a lot to rectify and bring back into its favor. The car will win on pricing as the Lodgy is still very expensive. In fact, the Ertiga is still 2 lakh cheaper than the Lodgy.

Maruti Ertiga 2018
  • Design Preview


Maruti Ertiga 2018 will be made on a new platform and it will be coming to add more benefits. There shall be an increase in its space and even features. There will be an improvement in its quality as well.

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  4. Maruti is always at its lag….They may bring it out only by mid 1919. Ertiga Petrol engine was never powerful enough to drew 7 passengers . Need for a better engine without compromising mileage figures was a need. But Maruti never cared for the need. Instead had been ignoring the need and now when the figures made steep decline, they have decided to address the problem. But the time limit is a question.


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