Hyundai’s Creta is the best seller SUV for them – but Hyundai will now enter a new category of SUVs next year. You shall be surprised to know – that the Creta facelift coming next year will not just offer petrol and diesel engines – it shall also get a revolutionary Electric option – which will make many of us consider it. There will be many reasons – stating some of them below. Let’s talk about this Rs 25 lakh Hyundai SUV.

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Many of us are not very keen to get an electric vehicle because of the low range it has. Hyundai is likely to address this issue in the Creta Electric. How? We are expecting a real-life range of 350-400kms and a claimed range of about 550kms which will make the Creta an exciting choice. At 400kms, real-life range – this will be very close to the range of the Creta petrol on a full tank. The range will be sufficient for most one-day travels, which many EVs lack today.

Rs 25 lakh Hyundai SUV ADAS

25 lakh Hyundai SUV

Hyundai will be offering ADAS Level 2 on the updated Creta, and the electric version will also get them. So there will be 17-20 features in total that Hyundai shall offer on the Creta Electric. It will be camera + radar at the front offering front collision warning and emergency braking, lane keep assist and more frontal features. On the side mirrors blind spot detection and rear cross-traffic braking. So, this will be one of the most feature-rich EVs when it comes to ADAS. 


25 lakh Hyundai SUV

The new Creta Electric will be offering a long list of features like ADAS, 360 deg camera, ventilated seats, electronic parking brake, digital instrument cluster, 10-inch touchscreen, ambient lighting, Type C chargers, Wireless charging and a lot more other features too. On the outside, LED headlamps, LED tail lamps, 17-inch tyres, and 190mm of ground clearance.

Rs 25 lakh Hyundai SUV – Size

25 lakh Hyundai SUV

The Creta isn’t a lot bigger than the ZS EV, however, it does have a styling that makes it look larger. Looking at the success of the ZS EV with a smaller network,  Hyundai will be looking to storm the EV market with this SUV on offer. The Creta will be updated in its design when the facelift comes in.

Larger network and better brand name

25 lakh Hyundai SUV

At the moment, the largest automaker with an affordable EV is Tata Motors. Hyundai has a larger network than Tata Motors in India and even Creta is an older and renowned brand name to launch an EV with. So, buyers will be a lot more keen to buy this SUV than most of the other car brands in the market. Hyundai has a good reputation for products with good quality and reliability. Last time around the Kona wasn’t highly appreciated as it isn’t a known product, and Creta with its name and styling will cover up well.

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