The new Skoda Octavia is a bold move to introduce in the Indian Market. SUVs are the new trend and sedans are getting overshadowed. Being unique can make this sedan succeed in the market. As of now, there has been no price announcement but here are 5 unique things that we know about the new Skoda Octavia.

Passive entry at rear

Skoda with the Octavia has known to cater to the regular sedan buyer and the sporty enthusiast. The passive entry at the rear makes for convenience for the owner of the vehicle who might end up spending a lot of time in the rear seat of the vehicle. This small attention to detail makes the new Skoda Octavia ready to fight the SUVs in terms of convenience.


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Remote folding seats

Remote folding seats are rare on cars and you see them mostly on high-end SUVs. Having them in the Skoda Octavia makes the car not only convenient to use but you could increase the boot space with a touch of a button. Also, the Notchback design works hand in hand with this.


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Technically speaking the Skoda Octavia is not truly a sedan. The boot opens including the glass area which is quite unique and also practical. Sure, it does add up to the manufacturing costs but it makes the car quite unique. Also, the folding seats make the boot even larger.

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Shift by Wire

This was expected to come. We can not say replacing everything with an electronic switch but that is the new trend. It does eliminate a lot of moving parts but the guarantee of mechanical failsafe also goes away with it. As of now, it is a unique feature as it is not seen on any other cars Indian cars currently on sale.

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Door Umbrella

Having a door umbrella just feels royal. It is practical and we wonder why not many cars offer this feature. It could be useful on a sunny day and surely on a rainy day. It could be the umbrella that is always there when you have those moments when you wish you had an umbrella.

Skoda Octavia umbrella

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