One of the most common questions asked is – Honda Navi ? What is this? A scooter or a bike? This has been a question that many have been asking. Navi has been designed to appeal to the teenagers and youngsters. It is based on the Activa platform and shares the same engine too. Once, you have just got themselves their riding license. This one is for them. Scooters are more practical and dull for most of the teenagers. This is trendy, comes in bright colours, stylish design and looks like a bike.  What does this new two-wheeler have on offer? The Honda Navi had won our ‘Innovation of the Year’ Award in 2016. We ride the new Navi for a good 500 kilometres to tell you if it is really fun?

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Honda Navi Video

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Honda Navi Design

The Honda Navi doesn’t look like a conventional scooter at all. It’s styling is the most striking aspect. The design is similar to a motorcycle. The tyres are bigger than a regular scooter, the suspension looks like that on a motorcycle, the headlamp design too. The scooter appears to be more practical, but what these buyers need is better styling. Something that will stand out. That is exactly what the new Navi is all about. In terms of design, this is one of the best looking design, it will turn heads around. This is new, this is different. That is exactly what college going boys need. The Honda Navi is stylish and the design is simple. It gets dual colour styling that makes it look appealing.

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Honda Navi Usability

The Honda Navi doesn’t not have the utility of a conventional scooter, as it is designed like a motorcycle. There is no closed storage space. The seat is smaller and narrower than a scooter and so doesn’t have under seat storage space. So, it might be a bit tight for two people in length, but width makes it more comfortable. The seating is a tad low that makes it easier to climb on and off. However one can opt for a lockable compartment that fits below the fuel tank. This adds to some decent utility.

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Honda Navi Engine and Performance

Honda Navi engine 2

The same 110cc Activa engine is used for the Honda Navi. It churns about 8bhp of power and 8Nm of torque. The Activa engine has been hit and it is known for its instant throttle response. The Navi is lighter than the Activa and this makes it even better in performance. Twist the throttle and there is immediate power from it. This is what makes it a good option to consider.

The bigger tyres on the Honda Navi makes it performance better. It is a lot more peppy than the Activa/ The bigger tyres even absorb the bumps well and improve the ride quality. The handling too of the Navi makes it good enough.

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Honda Navi Price in India

ModelPrice (on-road, Delhi)
Base ModelINR 43,000

Honda Navi is a lot more affordable than the Activa. This is a major USP, as it is a lot more affordable than the regular scooters.

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Honda Navi Colours

Honda Navi comes in five colour options. These are Patriot Red, Shashta White, Black, Hopper Green and Sparky Orange.

Honda Navi colours

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Honda Navi Mileage

Honda Navi Mileage

City40 km/l
Open Road45 km/l

With the same Activa engine, the mileage is good enough. In fact, with the lighter body weight the fuel efficiency is further improved. It seems that a lot of positives have happened to this engine with the Navi chassis. Improvement in power, looks and even fuel efficiency. The only downside is that the fuel tank on the Navi is smaller than 4 litres. Which makes it difficult to ride for longer distances.

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Honda Navi front three quarter 2

The Navi comes across as an inexpensive option to customers who desire a motorcycle and the convenience of a non-geared scooter. It is a fun vehicle which is a departure from the routine scooter and gives it a new twist. It is expected to appeal to the youth who want a commuter two-wheeler which also has style and is fun. Moreover, the personalization options at a minimal cost is surely appealing. Honda Navi is a unique proposition and the company is looking at attracting young buyers towards the Honda brand. This is one reason why the Honda Navi went on to win the MotorOctane MotoDay Award for the ‘Innovation of the year’ – 2016.

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Honda Navi India Specifications, Dimensions, Features

Engine Specifications

Diesel Engine1109cc
Power7.8 bhp @ 7000 rpm
Torque9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
Top Speed81 km/hr


Honda Navi Dimensions

Length1,805 mm
Width748 mm
Height1,039 mm
Ground Clearance156 mm
Fuel Tank3.8 litres
Wheelbase1,286 mm

Honda Navi India Images


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