Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G Comparison: Honda has the strongest scooter brand reputation in India. These Japanese scooters are competing with the best in class and yet are outnumbering others in sales. Reason being brand value and trust. Only other two wheeler brand that has a similar reputation is Hero. We pit the Hero Maestro Edge against the Honda Activa 3G and do a detailed Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G detailed comparison.

Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G Design



The Hero Maestro Edge’s design is a welcome. It is fresh and it does look, aggressive. This new scooter from Hero is one of the most aggressive looking scooters in this segment. Majority of its colours have a matte finish and this also adds on to its styling. The Maestro Edhe has a large 12-inch tyre with matte black alloy wheel. Hero has put in a lot of efforts in testing. This scooter into reality and the wait for this long has been worth it. The dual colour used makes it feel premium. The Edge feels like 125cc scooter than a 110cc, which is a complement for the scooter.

The new Activa 3G on the other hand is a sleek design that makes it look stylish. Honda has been cutting flab on the Activa in its design throughout. This one is a lot more sleeker. The new 3G comes in a range of subtle colours like white and silver. On the other hand, the Activa 3G, even has trendy colours like blue, red etc. Not much has changed for the 3G in design, and it now gets the tail lamps of the 125. Honda doesn’t wants to fiddle with its successful formula. Activa still gets 10-inch tyres and no alloy wheels also.


Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G Ergonomics

The Honda Activa 3G has been the king of scooters in India for a long time now. It is a well-rounded product and the first preference of customers around the country. Aesthetically and ergonomically, the Activa 3G is pretty good. The seat comfort and even the handle bar to seat distance is convenient too. The seat it can accomodate two people in comfort. Everyone liked the Activa for these aspects and Honda has played safe by not changing it so far. The storage is sufficient for a half face helmet. The ergonomics of the Honda Activa 3G is good and it has comfort riding posture. The Activa 3G has a sufficient space.

Hero Maestro Edge also has a similar riding posture like the Honda Activa 3G.  However, it feels a lot more comfortable than the Activa 3G because of larger size tyres that adds on to the comfort. The switch gear on the Hero Maestro Edge feels much better in quality, when compared to the Activa 3G. The Maestro Edge has similar stowage space like the Activa 3G and one can fit a full-face helmet with ease. The other addition features on the Maestro Edge are USB charging point, access to the fuel tank without opening the seat and light underneath the seat. These features make it more conveneint.

The Hero Maestro Edge has a combination of analogue and digital instrument cluster. The odometer, tripmeter and fuel guage are digital. It will also get telescopic forks, an all new exhaust with a pretty bold design and new tail lamps, The Maestro Edge also gets a glove box in the front. Styling wise too, the Maestro Edge looks contemporary. An Integrated braking system, similar to Honda’s combi braking system does duty in the Hero Maestro Edge. The Hero Maestro Edge’s instrument cluster looks more stylish than the Active 3G.


Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G Engine

The Hero Maestro is an indigenous effort by Hero, after it parted ways with Honda. While the currently sold Hero Maestro uses the same engine of the Activa, the Maestro Edge has a completely new engine. This has been designed by Hero MotoCorp. We rode the scooter a good 100 kilometres. The 110cc motor has decent punch and good drivability, but it is the Honda Active 3G that feels a bit more peppy than the Maestro Edge. Where the Active 3G excels is the initial pull when you twist the acceleration. This is good on the Maestro Edge too, but the Active 3G feels a bit better.

Both the engines have similar displacement and similar power output too. What makes them good is their drivability. Twist the accelerator and you won’t have to do much waiting for power. The Honda Activa 3G has a slightly better response than the Hero Maestro Edge. Else both have good power and easy ride-ability. The Hero Maestro Edge feels more comfortable and at the same time even more sophisticated with better quality than the Honda Activa 3G.

Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G side profile


Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G Verdict

While Hero retains its leadership in motorcycles, the scooter segment is one which is clearly dominated by Honda. Hero is now going out all guns blazing to make a strong presence in this segment. The Maestro Edge seems to be a promising product from Hero. It scores over the Honda Activa 3G is some areas like suspension and instrument panel. Hero’s nationwide sales and service network is another advantage. Hero hasn’t just priced the Maestro Edge aggressively but at the same time, even the quality of the product on offer is fantastic. The Hero edges ahead of the Honda scooter in terms of quality and price. In refinement both are at par and brand value both are good, but difficult to say if any is superior. As a value for money product, our pick is the Hero Maestro Edge.

Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G Images


Are you looking at buying a Hero Maestro Edge or Honda Activa 3G in Mumbai?

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