There is no doubt that the Honda Activa 3G is the best-selling scooter in the country, by far. Since its launch in the early 2000s, there has been no looking back. The company has also introduced the third generation of this scooter. It looks stylish and the new one refreshes the styling. So, what does the new scooter have on offer? It is called 3G as this is the third generation. The changes on the new scooter are only cosmetic. So, what is the new 3G all about? We share our in-depth Honda Activa 3G review.
Mr. Keita Muramatsu, President & CEO, HMSI and Mr. Guleria, VP - Sales and Marketing, HMSI unveiling Activa 3G

Honda Activa 3G Price in India

Honda Activa 3G Price

Price (on-road)


INR 54,043


INR 58,474


INR 59,322


INR 60,785


INR 58,432


INR 56,654


INR 52,533


INR 58,223

In terms of pricing, there are some scooters which are a lot more affordable and even better value for money. But the Honda brand has a higher relaunch and even good resale too. The spare parts availability makes it a good option to consider.

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Honda Activa 3G Design

The Honda Active 3G is sleeker compared to the previous generation. The front of the Active 3G has two fake air vents and a sharp snout. The headlamp size is similar and so is the case even for the side indicators. The front wheel is 10 inches and it has steel wheels.  The competition gets alloy (Hero Maestro Edge and TVS Jupiter offers 12-inch alloy wheels). The side profile is similar to the older generation and it has black side mirrors. There is no difference in the side profile, except the air vents that have been added to give it to the engine. The tail lamp is new and adds some glam factor to the scooter. The rear handle is also silver in colour. There are more air vents at the rear as well.

Honda Activa 3G 07


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Honda Activa 3G Ergonomics

The Honda Activa 3G has one of the best ergonomics of the lot. This new generation scooty is comfortable and it has a new instrument cluster that has a speedometer of up to 120km/hr and a fuel gauge. The other indicators are side indicators, high beam and reserve fuel indicator. There is sufficient storage space for a full face helmet and even the still some more space.

Honda Activa 3G 20

Let us be honest about the fact that the quality of the scooter isn’t the best in its class. There are a lot more scooters like the Hero Maestro Edge and the TVS Jupiter that come with a better fit and finish. This is a simple looking scooter and there isn’t much on offer in terms of features. Where the Activa 3G stands strong is its brand name and the high resale value. The instrument cluster on the Honda Activa 3G are made up of speedometer, fuel tank and side indicators. There is low fuel waning and high beam indicator too. The design is simple and there aren’t any special gizmos. As most of the buyers need something that is reliable, this one fits in perfectly.

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Honda Activa 3G Engine

The Honda Activa 3G has a 110cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine. This is the best part about the Honda Activa 3G. This engine with 8bhp of power and 8Nm of torque performs pretty well. This engine has been retained from the first generation Activa and it continues to be the same. The scooter isn’t the most powerful, but it has good enough power to pull cleanly Twist the throttle and the engine responds quickly. There isn’t a major lag either. One can cruise comfortably at speeds of 60km/hr with ease.

This is one of the most easy to ride scooters and even the weight distribution is good to make turns without having to put your foot down. This is what makes it a good scooter. The strongest point is its available power and this is what makes it a good option to consider. Other than that, the reliability factor is the strongest point. With Honda’s brand name, this scooter gets a boost in its sales.

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Honda Activa 3G Mileage

Honda Activa 3G Mileage

Automatic45 km/l

The Honda Activa 3G has a fuel efficiency of about 40-45km/l. This is what it normally delivers, however this completely depends on you ride. How much do you twist your throttle.

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Honda Activa 3G colours

The Honda Activa 3G comes in 5 attractive colours – Trance blue metallic, Lusty red metallic, Grey metallic, Black and Pearl amazing white. The blue and the red are new colours that are being offered on the new scooter only. This will make the scooter look funky and stylish.

Honda Activa 3G 08

 Honda Activa 3G Competition

The Honda Activa 3G competes with the new Hero Maestro Edge and the TVS Jupiter majorly.

Honda Activa 3G Dimensions

Honda Activa 3G Dimensions

Length1,761 mm
Width710 mm
Height1,149 mm
Wheelbase1,238 mm
Fuel Tank5 litres

Honda Activa 3G Specifications

Honda Activa 3G Specifications

Petrol Engine109cc
Power8 bhp
Torque8.83 Nm

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