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An all new generation Maruti Gypsy 2018 is likely to be launched in India. This is actually the new Suzuki Jimny. The Maruti Gypsy that was sold in India was the Jimny. It is set to re-enter the Indian market. The new Suzuki Jimny is a completely new vehicle. It is based on the X-Lander concept, revealed earlier. This is the fourth generation of the Jimny. The official images of the small off-roader were released some time back. The interiors of the SUV have yet to be revealed.

The upcoming Maruti Gypsy has been in the news a lot. It will be interesting to see how this SUV can once again woo buyers. The new-gen Gypsy will be made in India and also be exported to other markets. This new vehicle is now, lighter, stronger, more fuel efficient and also better in terms of safety. It will also use high tensile steel in its manufacture.

The Maruti Gypsy sold in India looked very different form this new generation model. There is quite a lot of resemblance to the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, in this generation of the SUV. This has made the Gypsy even more interesting and has created quite a buzz. The new design language for Suzuki vehicles have been quite interesting. They now look very contemporary. The Maruti Gypsy 2018 can be expected to be rolled out in India sometime soon. The long wheelbase version is likely to be sold in India.  It will be identical in length to the older Gypsy.

But this is yet not confirmed. Maruti wants to have an enthusiasts 4X4 vehicle in its line-up and so this might work for them. The Gypsy will not be sold from the Nexa Experience showrooms, but the regular Maruti showrooms. It will be manufactured in India and also exported. Maruti will try to reliWhat all will the Gypsy 2018 offer? Will it regain its lost glory? Read further to know more about the Maruti Gypsy 2018.

New Maruti Gypsy 2018 Price in India

Maruti Gypsy 2018

Price (on-road)


₹ 7 lakhs


₹ 10 lakhs

The Gypsy will be an affordable vehicle, just like it was earlier. We estimate the new Gypsy to be placed at INR 7 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs (on-road). This will get a new design, more features and shall continue to be an AWD. The new Gypsy will be based on an all new platform, which will be lighter, hence it will have better performance, handling and mileage too.

2018 Maruti Gypsy Price in India

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 Maruti Gypsy Diesel Launch Date

ModelLaunch Date
Maruti Gypsy 2018December 2018

There are possibilities of it coming by the year end. There have been speculations on the launch of the Maruti Gypsy with a diesel engine. However, we reckon that Maruti will not introduce a diesel engine in this vehicle. The Vitara Brezza seems high volumes in diesel and Maruti would push the petrol engine in the Gypsy. The Maruti Gypsy will be a light off-road vehicle, hence it will be frugal as well. The Gypsy will have many buyers attracted to it. If will be offered with a powerful engine and 4×4, Thar will have a worthy competitor. Maruti will be looking at getting into production for India by late 2018 or early 2019. That is the period one can expect it to arrive.

Maruti Gypsy 2018 1 (Jimny)

Maruti Gypsy 2018 Interior

The interiors will be all new and a departure from the earlier Gypsy. This vehicle might also get keyless entry, push start and stop, touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. There will be maps and even reverse camera. The new SUV will come with dual airbags and ABS as a standard feature. Maruti will try at make it conducive for every usage, apart from off-roading. This will set it apart from the Mahindra Thar. The new Gypsy will come as a four seater this time it seems.

There will even be a two-seater version, but that version will only be exported. It is a bit too early to state what will be offered on it. In terms of styling, there shall be a lot of space and features on offer. Maruti has been offering feature-rich vehicles and the Gypsy will be no exception. In fact, with more features and stylish interiors, Maruti will attract more Thar buyers towards it.

 New Maruti Gypsy 2018 Specifications


Maruti Gypsy 2018


1.2-litre (perol) / 1.0-litre Boosterjet (Petrol)


84bhp / 110bhp


115Nm / 175Nm


5-speed manual with 4WD


The new Gypsy is expected to come with a 1.2-litre petrol engine for India. While in other markets it will be made available with a 658cc engine, which is turbo-charged. There are also chances of the 1.0-litre BoosterJet, which powers the Baleno RS, but that might be only for export. Now, the point is there will be an AWD on offer on the Gypsy. At the same time, the new Gypsy will have a five-speed manual transmission. As the body will be lighter, it will have better performance. At the same time, good driving dynamics too. The fuel efficiency will also see a jump. A 1.4-litre BoosterJet will attract many enthusiasts towards this SUV.

For the Indian market, it will have the 1.2-litre K-Series petrol engine. This mill will churn about 84bhp of power and close to 115Nm of maximum torque. This will be offered with a five-speed manual and an all-wheel drive. There will be low-ratio too, and this will be a highly capable off-roader, just like its predecessor. Maruti will even attract its loyal Gypsy fans an opportunity to upgrade to something new, modern and fresh. There will be no automatic transmission or AMT offered on this vehicle.

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 Maruti Gypsy 2018 India Design

The New Gypsy looks aggressive in its styling. The X-Lander concept was bigger and a lot more muscular, though. The front grille has vertical slats and the head lamps are well-chiselled. The bumpers are fresh and new this time and not the metal ones like old times. It will retain the design language but the production version will have a lot changes. The X-Lander Concept was showcased was a two-door just like the Jimny or the Gypsy.

The glass on the doors won’t make it into production. It more from the point of view of a concept attraction. The tail lamps somewhat seem to be inspired from the Range Rover. The haunches will be pronounced as the concept showcases. 

New Maruti Gypsy 2018 rear

A new platform will underpin the 2018 Gypsy. The earlier Gypsy was built on a ladder frame chassis, but this new one will be a monocoque. This will make the new SUV lighter, powerful, dynamic and more efficient. The new Gypsy will have a hard top and may also come with a soft top option. The new Gypsy will have attractive styling making it an exciting product for the Indian car market. This will be a compact SUV and will be a good option for the off-road enthusiasts. In fact, the styling is bound to attract a lot of regular buyers too, who would other be looking at a compact SUV.

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 Maruti Gypsy 2018 Images

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New Maruti Gypsy 2018 interior


2018 Maruti Gypsy Competition

The Gypsy will compete mainly with the Mahindra Thar. As this will primarily target off-road enthusiasts. Currently the Mahindra Thar is the most favourite amongst enthusiasts and the Gypsy could further increase this segment and attract a lot of buyers towards it. Another competitor is the Force Gurkha, which is a very capable off-roader, however, it doesn’t sell volumes as of now.



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  2. Even if launched in current European model with AWD and ladder frame. I will buy for my village road conditions and 4 going to agricultural fields tension free. Ac with rear tilt adjustable comfortable seats must. Please someone convey to company give launch date in auto expo 2018.

  3. awesome design and have seen how amazing it works 1.2 liter k series engine… please let us know about when it will be launch in India & booking and if there any changes in design.. can’t wait to see actual..

  4. Waiting for this car since long, yet to get any positive information about launch date . Need to know other specs. also.The interior design is important and also the not driving but the riding comfort which matters.

  5. Still like the older vehicle. The jimmy look will never go out of fashion. I think at the end of the day the customer should be given a choice to decide whether to go for the new look or old gypsy. The new gypsy with shorter wheel base is smaller than the older gypsy.

  6. Just looks like a toy I doubt may be this will not be able to climb the stiff rock, lets see the suzuki technology?

  7. Please inform me about the date of booking, and put me the list. I am looking for a new vehicle.


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