The KTM Duke 790 will be coming to India. This motorcycle was showcased at EICMA last year in November. The Duke 790 is the latest in the Duke series from the KTM. The Duke brand has become very popular in India, within a short span of time. It had given a breath of fresh air to Indian motorcycling. It also created new benchmarks, which the competition is trying to catch up with. Earlier there were rumors about the Duke 690 making it to India. However, now it seems that it will be the 790 which will come here.

This will be one of its kind motorcycles in the country. It comes with futuristic styling. The bike is extremely aggressive in its stance. The bike is light and boasts of superior handling as compared to the 690. The sharp styling of the bike will make it unique in its segment. Want to know more about the KTM Duke 790?

KTM Duke 790 Price in India




On-Road Delhi Price

KTM Duke 790

Rs 8,63,945

The Duke 790 would be a tough bike to price. At Rs 8,63,945, it would compete with the likes of the Ducati Monster 797, Triumph Street Triple and the Kawasaki Z900, to an extent. Now the pricing would also depend if the 790 is manufactured in India like the 390 and so on or would it be a CKD(Completely Knocked Down) like the Ninja 650 or a CBU(Completely Built Unit) like the Z900. We think that it may come in as a CBU, initially. It may be sold as a CKD later. This vehicle is the highest displacement offering by KTM. 41 unit sales is a good start for the vehicle at a price of Rs 9 lakh on-road.

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KTM Duke 790 BS6

KTM Duke 790 Power Plants

Ergo Tank Pad

These are to protect the areas around the tank which are subjected to wear. Adding these to your bike will protect it from usual areas on the tank which will have scratches and rubs. The paint of the vehicle will be intact and there won’t be any direct damage to it.

Crash Pad Rear

Crashpad at the rear is mounted on the swingarm. It is an aluminium swingarm and which is light but at the same time that it lacks in terms of durability. In order to avoid damaging it during a crash. The Crashpad is a rubber mount that protects the vehicle’s swingarm.

Crash Pad Front

The front-wheel also gets a crash pad. This protects the vehicle’s front forks from the impact during a crash. The crash pad is made up of rubber and sold separately for Rs 3,757.


This windshield is offered by KTM protects the rider from windblast while riding at high speeds. The windshield is necessary for a vehicle to avoid the fatigue caused by long terms of wind blast. The windshield retails for Rs 7,868.

Bar End mirrors

This bike expects the rider to maintain an aggressive posture while riding. this means that normal rearview mirrors will be of no use while riding in this posture. The bar end mirrors are available for Rs 9,866 per piece.

My Ride

A Ride is a small unit that plugs in the bike’s electricals. It allows the user to tether their smartphone and monitor various information. This works the other way round and lets you answer calls and the other functions by using the buttons on the vehicle.

KTM Duke 790 Specifications


Engine799 cc, parallel-twin
Power115 bhp
Torque95 Nm

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KTM Duke 790 Top Speed

Top Speed210 km/h

The Duke 790 has an electronically limited top speed of around 210 km/h. This will be a fast machine and will have the electronics to support such speeds and improve its dynamics.

KTM Duke 790 Design


A born street fighter, this kind of styling will continue on the Duke 790. The production version though will get a few changes. For example, the exhaust will not be the under-seat one like the concept but will be a side slung one. The light and strong Trellis frame that is typical of other Dukes will find its way here too. Now that even the Duke 390 has split headlamp it is expected in the 790 as well. From what we got to see on the concept model the bike is sharper than before and much more slimmed down. The Dukes always boast of their lightweight mannerism and this would go on. The sharply sculpted tank looks great that was found on the concept.

KTM Duke 790 BS6 2

The handlebars seem to set a bit low like the Super Duke and also a bit more aggressive than the Duke 390. The rear set footpegs gave it a more sporty feel. Expect the upside-down WP front suspension and dual discs. Expect the braking to be as good if not better in the new bike.


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KTM Duke 790 Rider Aids


MTC (Motorcycle Traction Control)

Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) is a mouthful, but it’s an important part of the KTM 790 DUKE. MTC is a lean-angle sensitive traction control system, which reduces engine output with an extremely smooth, barely perceptible. Depending on the selected ride mode, MTC also allows for several levels of traction slip at the rear wheel. This can be switched off according to rider preferance.

Track Mode

Track mode, as the name suggests, offers unlimited thrills and READY TO RACE characteristics. It features a launch control function for quick getaways, variable slip adjustment, increased throttle response and the ability to pull epic wheelies by disengaging Anti-Wheelie.

KTM QuickShifter

The KTM 790 DUKE allows for slick, clutchless up and downshifts thanks to KTM’s own Quickshifter+ system. It reads and responds to your riding under any load to ensure shift action is as fast as you are. When downshifting, the system matches the engine speed to the speed of the lower gear.

MSR (Motor Shift Regulator)

The KTM 790 DUKE is equipped with standard MSR (Motor Slip Regulation), which works in the opposite direction of the MTC. This means there is no chance of accidentally locking up the rear wheel under downshifting or abrupt throttling-off. MSR ensures you retain full traction and complements the slipper clutch and is especially effective in low grip situations.

SuperMoto Mode

Supermoto mode allows enthusiastic and experienced riders to lock up the rear wheel – a prerequisite for committed Supermoto riding and deliberately executed slides. This means ABS is deactivated on the rear wheel while maintaining ABS function on the front.

All these rider aids make the bike a bit more versatile and customizable. This bike from KTM will feature all the top of the line features and put us one step closer to the SUPER DUKE.

KTM Duke 790 Engine


A twin-cylinder engine is used to power the KTM Duke 790. It is an 803cc engine. This engine produces a power of 105 bhp at 7000 rpm. The the torque of the vehicle will be 87 Nm at 8000 rpm. The power to weight ratio of this vehicle is amazing and this will be exciting for customers. This engine will be replaced with an 890cc engine for BS6 compliance next year.

KTM Duke 790 Features


The KTM Duke 790 will be feature-packed. Beginning from the ride by wire, colour TFT screen with navigations and several other features on the instrument panel. The highlights of this bike will be the addition of cornering ABS and lean-sensitive traction control. Other features like a slipper clutch and quickshifter will also be available. The new Duke will get LED headlamps and even tail lamps. The Duke 790 should get some features from the bigger Dukes as well. This will make it a great package to consider, especially for those who need good power and leave out the excess performance.


KTM Duke 790 Competition


The bikes like Triumph Street Triple series, the Ducati Monster range and the Suzuki GSX-S750 are major competition for this bike. The bike is at with them in performance but the only place where it has to shine is the pricing.


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