The Kawasaki Z800 is one of the best selling bikes from the Japanese manufacturer.The company is looking at replacing the Z800 with the new Z900. This will be unveiled at the 2016 EICMA in Milan this November. For India, for the time being the company is looking at selling 10 units of this limited edition. It is priced at INR 8.3 lakhs (on-road, New Delhi). The limited edition is offered in black and blue colour scheme.

The Kawasaki Z800 won’t see a decrease in price. Kawasaki recently announced that there are no plans of the Z800 going CKD. In light of the rumours doing the rounds on media sites on the internet, IKM wants to put to rest any speculation that has been created in the last couple of months. Mr. Yutaka Yamashita, Managing Director of India Kawasaki Motors told us, “There was never a plan to have the Z800 go CKD. Kawasaki always decides the assembly of models that is reasonable under CKD regulations. We do not see any positive outcome to go CKD in India with the Z800”. Read our review of the Kawasaki Z800.

Kawasaki Z800 Design

The street fighter range from Kawasaki combines the practicality of everyday transport with agility and enhanced performance. It is targeted at the rider who seeks a premium offering and yet demands the practicality of an everyday steed. The Z800, belongs to this ilk of street fighters. Its lineage dates back to the first Z1 introduced way back in 1972. Successive editions, witnessed tweaks in design and performance- and the Z800 introduced in summer of 2013 as the replacement to Z750 is indeed a smooth operator.

Kawasaki Z800The Z800 has a bow-shaped twin headlamp setup. A medium sized windscreen is placed above it (available as an accessory). The trapezoidal mirrors go with the front cowl design. The instrument cluster is a sleek affair here. Its fully digital and divided in three screens. Being a street fighter design, The Z800 does look muscular and is aggressive too. The chiseled fuel tank is well designed. The handlebar is flat and wide. The foot pegs are places towards the back. The seat height is not very low and it takes time to achieve a decent seating posture.

Kawasaki Z800

Take the bike on to the street and be ready to feel crowded-in. Even on a lazy weekend morning, we had to constantly watch out for admiring bystanders, over-zealous motorists and inquisitive policemen. But such is the burden of good looks- which the z800 has in plenty… and we lavished in the street presence and the admiration this bike marks its trail with.  The chiselled visage, the engine shrouds, the muscular tank and the raised rear blend to create an aggressive, crouching stance. The quad exhausts and the Z-shaped tail lamps complete the street fighter stance. The result is stunning- a visual treat that delights with its aggression and compels with its effortless agility


Kawasaki Z800 Engine

The 806cc liquid cooled 4-in line powerhouse offers 112bhp with a peak torque of 83Nm. The electric ignition gets the bike to a gentle hum and as you ease the clutch, the 231kg mass of the Z800 seems to lumber hesitantly forward. But open the throttle and the transformation is almost immediate- the engine comes alive while the six-speed gearbox ensures smoothness and performance. Even at speeds close to 200km/h the engine sounds effortless as the Z800 holds steady without any signs of vibration or instability. Within minutes of being in the saddle, the Z800 weaves its magic upon you.


Any discussion about handling is incomplete without talk of cornering. And in that department too, the Z800 seems to be well placed. The weight of the bike, the rubber it bears, as well as the saucer-like disc brakes offer the necessary confidence as we nudge the bike into a few corners- it holds its ground and then some more. At the same time, it is fair to admit that during our test route did not really challenge the bike’s cornering abilities to the limit. The weight of the bike does make it feel heavy too.


The seating is fairly upright to lend it practicability for everyday use and the suspension seemed sporty enough to make for exciting riding without necessarily forcing you to experience every pimple on the road surface.




Kawasaki Z800 Price in India

The Z800 sets pulses racing. It flaunts its distinctive pedigree and the z800 sure does its lineage proud. Does it have an Achilles heel? Yes- we believe that at INR 8.95 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai), this bike is priced slightly above the sweet spot. But it sure is one heck of a handsome beast to throw a leg upon!


A mean looking machine, the Z800 is what any biker would aspire for. Its fast, looks sleek and modern and sounds good too. The Z800 makes most other bikes on the road feel rather timid in comparison.

A special thanks to Tarun Manchanda!


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