In India, the compact SUV segment is in the hot right now. Customers have been constantly flocking to showrooms to buy a car that can give them the feel of an SUV. Most brands have already launched their compact SUVs in the market which has made the competition even fiercer. Another compact SUV is in the works to enter the market. The car will be coming from Jeep and will take on cars like Maruti Vitara Brezza and the others that fall in this segment. It is speculated to be called the Jeep Junior but we will be sticking with the Jeep Brezza competition SUV for this article. In today’s article, we will discuss 5 things that the Jeep Brezza competition SUV would need to give a tough fight to the already established rivals in the market.

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Decent space

nissan magnite interiors

Customers can compromise on a few things in a car but will not compromise on space. Every brand has to work in the sub-4m space, meaning they have the same area to work with. This means that the only difference they can create is in areas like cabin space, boot space and a few other places. For improved cabin comfort, customers would have to compromise on a big boot. Contrary to this, if customers need a big boot, they would have to compromise on the space inside the cabin. The brand would have to keep a perfect balance in both areas since both factors are equally necessary.


2021 Jeep compass

The Jeep Brezza competition SUV would need to be loaded with features in order to give a tough competition to cars like Kia Sonet, Hyundai Venue and others that are known for their feature-loaded character. Jeep should borrow some features from the Compass in order to make this car a lucrative choice. Wireless charging, wireless Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, UConnect 5 system, an electric sunroof and a fully digital instrument cluster are some of the key features expected in the car. With these features on board, the Jeep compact SUV would surely give a tough fight to the competition cars.

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Citroen Rs 8 lakh SUV

Earlier this year, parent brands of Jeep and Citroen, FCA and PSA had merged to form ‘Stellantis’. Stellantis has thus become one of the world’s largest automaker. This has given Jeep access to Citroen’s platform and powertrain. The Jeep Brezza competition SUV is thus expected to come powered by the same 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine that will power the upcoming Citroen CC21, the French brand’s compact SUV for the country. Other than this, the car is expected to come sat on 17-inch wheels, making it one of the very few compact SUVs to get them.

Segment-first 4WD

As mentioned above, Jeep now has access to Citroen’s platform. Citroen has been readying the CMP platform for its car in the country. On the contrary, this platform will not be able to support a 4WD due to its architecture constraints. However, Jeep has always been straightforward regarding the fact that it will not let go of its 4WD roots, as it is a core element in the brand’s products. This means that the brand would have to figure a way around this. With this being said, this is great news for customers looking forward to the car since it could very well be the first compact SUV to come with 4WD in the country.

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Jeep would need to price this compact SUV quite sensibly since customers do give importance to the actual value that the product holds for the money that has been invested by the customers. Moreover, this segment is filled with cars that fall over a large horizon. The compact SUVs in today’s market start from Rs 6.58 Lakh and go all the way up to Rs 15.90 Lakh. We expect Jeep to keep the pricing competitive with the top-of-the-line variants touching not more than Rs 16 Lakh to Rs 17 Lakh. Pricing plays a huge factor in deciding the pull that the product will be able to create among the buyers.

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