Tata Safari has been recently spotted with complete camouflage in Pune. The car was launched this February. Tata Safari has been a great vehicle as it has helped in boosting the sales of the Tata Harrier as well. A lot of people were expecting a 4WD variant on this vehicle. What could Tata be testing on the Safari now? What are our expectations from this vehicle that has been spotted testing in Pune?

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4WD variant

Originally the old generation Safari was a 4WD vehicle. When the Gravitas was named Safari then it got some amount of criticism as it did not offer a 4WD system and was a front-wheel-drive vehicle. Being a flagship Tata vehicle it does miss out on these things and we think that Tata should introduce a 4WD or an AWD variant on the Safari in the future if the demand is there. As of now, Tata does not have any 4WD vehicle or AWD. There is not even one SUV in the lineup that has a rear-wheel-drive setup. So could this car being tested be one? We don’t know. The images are by Parked In Pune and as mentioned, the spotter did not check under the rear of the car to see a secondary transfer box. 

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Dark Edition

Tata already provides an Adventure Persona variant on the Tata Safari as an accessory package. The Harrier gets a Dark Edition and also a Camo Edition and we think that the Safari could also get a Dark Edition. There was recent news that the Tata Nexon EV Will be getting a Dark Edition but there has been no official news from Tata of such.

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Petrol Hybrid

With rising petrol prices we think that Tata might introduce of petrol hybrid variant on the Tata Safari. Offering a hybrid variant on the flagship vehicle will make more sense as they can test the market out and also keep the price is high for the hybrid as people will be ready to pay the extra premium to get extra mileage. As of now, the Safari comes with only a diesel engine but there were plans of introducing a petrol engine in the later stage. Offering a very big petrol engine would not be feasible for daily driving as it might cost you a lot because of fuel economy. Tata has been working on EV technology and developing a hybrid would be the next step in taking the EV technology and making it available with current petrol engines.


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Are there any visual changes?

The test mule that has been spotted does not have any visual changes it is completely camouflaged and has the same alloy wheels as well as front and rear bumpers. We do not think that Tata will introduce something different in terms of design as the car was launched this February.


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