Mahindra is set on bringing the Scorpio in a completely new avatar. Recently, we had brought to you exclusive spy shots of the interiors of this upcoming SUV. You should definitely check out that story as the spy shots have revealed too much important information that will surely excite the upcoming Scorpio. In today’s article, we will discuss 10 things we know about the upcoming Mahindra Scorpio. Let’s go.


Dual-zone climate control

The new Scorpio will come loaded with dual-zone climate control. This feature would surely help it take the lead against cars that fall in its price bracket, especially cars like Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Tata Harrier & MG Hector. Mahindra has extended XUV300’s strength to Scorpio as well. Smart move by Mahindra.

Semi-digital instrument cluster

mahindra scorpio

The SUV will now come with a semi-digital instrument cluster. It is even said that the car will come with cool start-up graphics which will be displayed through the MID. This will surely help Scorpio shed its image as an ‘outdated SUV’ and give it the much needed modern appeal.

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Big touchscreen infotainment system

new Mahindra Scorpio

The Scorpio will come with a big touchscreen infotainment system as well. The unit will support Android Auto & Apple CarPlay. The car is also expected to come with connected car tech, Mahindra’s BlueSense.

Aero-twin blade wipers

With the new car, Mahindra has decided to offer aero-twin wipers as well. Aero-twin wipers are mainly known for their quiet operation and seamless wiping. The quiet operation will directly enhance the ambience of the cabin.

Upcoming Mahindra Scorpio 360-degree camera

new Mahindra Scorpio This feature has started becoming common in cars these days. With Mahindra about to offer this in the Scorpio, it will surely enhance the upmarket feel of the car. Not just the upmarket feel, but it will enhance the overall practicality of the car. With a 360-degree camera on board, buyers will find living with the car much easier.

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Drive-assist modes

mahindra scorpio

The new Scorpio is all set to come with drive modes like Mud mode & Snow mode. Also, the car will be offered with 4X4 capabilities. Mahindra will offer 4H & 4L for the drivetrain. It will also get hill descent control for the assistance of drivers.

In-cabin voice assist

mahindr ascorpio

With an in-cabin voice assist, users will directly be able to communicate with the infotainment unit and control some of the functions of the car. We expect users to control volume, AC temperature, tracks and various other aspects of the car using voice controls.

Cruise control

Mahindra Scorpio will continue offering the cruise controls with the Scorpio. It is one of the many convenient features that will be on offer with the new Scorpio.


Mahindra Scorpio, for the first time, will come with an electric sunroof. Sunroof is one of the features that has really become common among cars these days. Adding a sunroof to the Scorpio will enhance the upmarket appeal by leaps & bounds.

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Keyless entry

Mahindra will be offering keyless entry on the new Scorpio. With this, push-button engine start-stop will also be made available. This will enhance the practicality of the SUV.

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