A lot of car buyers are faced with the question of what is roadside assistance? Does it include just towing service? Below listed are the things that you should look out for in a Roadside Assistance pack.

Taxi service

The most basic function of a roadside assistance service is to assist you in your travel. So what is better than provide you with alternative transport. Make sure that your package consists of this key feature of RSA. Also do get to know if you will have to pay the fare for the taxi or if it will be included in the premium of roadside assistance.

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On-Spot Repairs

Some car repairs do not need for the car to be taken to the workshop. If the roadside assistance policy that you have taken covers this it might save you the hassle to go to the workshop and collect the car. If something like roadside assistance is there for increasing convenience then it should not add to your hassle in other ways too.

On spots include replacement of battery and jump-starting. Also if your battery is old, the RSA company might include some clauses which do not cover it. So make sure that you get battery replacement covered in your policy.

Now in India we do get puncture repair places pretty frequently on the highway. It would be really convenient that on spot repairs also cover it. This could also just include some thing simple like even replacing the spare tyre.

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Towing service

Towing service is the basic task of any RSA service. Just a tip that if you take a good towing service then the risk of damage during towing reduces a bit. The last thing you want is – your broken down car get damaged while being towing.

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Key Replacement

Forgetting your key inside the car is a very embarrassing thing. If you have an RSA for your car they might probably have a spare key for your car. Also if you have a car that has connected cars features then it might also be enabled with the function of remote unlock. So you can also get your car unlocked by calling the RSA. This can also be used if you lose your keys. The keys can be delivered to your residence too.

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Fuel Delivery

These features might be only available in expensive RSA packs. Also, the fuel would be chargeable. Having this addition to your RSA will make you care-free if you are stranded somewhere without fuel. Also, the fuel rates might be something that your RSA agency decides.

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If you pay for this in your pack it will save you a lot of headache in time of a unforeseen breakdown in a unfamiliar place. Now if you are stranded in a town where you have no idea of accommodation. Having roadside assistance that takes care of this takes away the hassle of going from hotel to hotel hunting for accommodation. Also, this will help if you are stranded on a road trip in the middle of the night.

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