Bajaj Dominar 400 is an affordable tourer of India. It has docile power and great highway manners. If this bike offers such a well package the what kind of modifications should you do to it. Here are 5 Bajaj Dominar modifications that you should consider.

Power commander

The Bajaj Dominar 400 is an under-tuned bike. You can extract more power out of the engine if you add a piggyback power commander. Now just adding this will make a big difference. Changing the exhaust and airfilter will aid in making the retuned bike run smoother. This does void the warranty of the bike and you should really be careful and get this done by a professional. This will change the way the bike feels and it will have a drastic effect on the feedback, acceleration and braking of the bike.

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Dual Purpose tyres

T Rated Tyres

If you are adventurous and want to take your Dominar 400 then a good set of dual-purpose tyres will make for a good modification. This Bajaj Dominar modification will make a lot of change in the way the bike grips in slush and sand. One can go for Timsum dual-purpose tyres which have a big block pattern and are good on the highway too.

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Top Box

If you are into touring, then adding a top box will make your life a bit easy. Adding luggage in the top box will make short rides less of a hassle. The only downside here is that you might feel some hindrance at high speed. Adding weight at such a far back point on a bike might change the centre of gravity.

Bajaj Dominar modifications

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Wind Shield

Adding a windshield on the bike saves you from buffeting. Apart from adding wind protection, the windshield does not offer any other protection. A naked like Dominar400 really would be better off with a windshield

Bajaj Dominar modifications

Adventure Kit

There are a lot of adventure kits for the Dominar 400. These include redesigned bash plates, handguards, engine guard and windshield. As you can see in the pictures here. it gets a new fairing with a beak. There is a luggage mount at rear and the windshield is much taller than usual. Also there is a addition to handlebar which can hold your GPS device in place.

Bajaj Dominar Adventure mod by Autologue Design called Xplorer

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