We have been spotting Royal Enfield bikes for quite a bit of time. Now the names on these test models are not confirmed. Some call it the Hunter but there is no confirmation from the company. If we take a look at the predecessor of the Meteor, the Thunderbird, it had a sibling called the Thunderbird X. So we can not ignore the idea of an R0yal Enfield Meteor X. Let’s talk about this bike that has been spotted.

Why such a different Meteor X?

Well, the Honda launched the CB 350 H’ness right at the same time as the launch of the Meteor. They followed up the H’ness with the CB 350RS which is a sporty version of the bike. The bike that we see in the spy shot above seems like a close competition to this CB350 RS. It does share a lot of things with the Meteor and can be called the Meteor X.

Royal Enfield Meteor X

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What is similar?

Looking at the spy shots in this article we can see that the bike share the same frame with the Meteor and also the same engine. This engine will also make its way to the new Classic 350. As you can see there is an upswept exhaust like the Interceptor 650 but there is a lack of chrome on the bike. Also, the headlight unit seems the same as on the Meteor. These cues from the Meteor design language make us come to the conclusion of the Meteor X name. Not only this but the handle bar, lever and the brake fluid master cylinder seem to be borrowed from the Royal Enfield Meteor.

Royal Enfield Meteor X

The instrument cluster is placed the same way as it was on the Meteor 350. The bike also gets a tripper module. We hope that Royal Enfield fixes the issue of a slightly off Tripper Module. Also here we don’t see block pattern tyres like they are on the bike which is something we see on the CB 350RS.

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Royal Enfield Meteor X

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