The Ford Endeavour that we see on the Indian roads now is the 2019 facelift model that now get a sole engine option of a 2.0-litre diesel unit. It will be 2 years in 2022 since the car has no major update. That is why we are expecting a new Ford Endeavour to show up on the International market and then make its way to India. Although we are not sure about the specifications and features that will be there on the new Ford Endeavour, here are 3 things that we expect.

Bigger Engine

The biggest grime with the current generation of Endeavour is the small 2.0-litre engine. The engine is good but the size has not impressed Endeavour fans. Also what makes the engine good is the 10-speed automatic gearbox which keeps a balance between performance and mileage. Currently the 2.0-litre engine makes 170bhp which is low. Cars in the segment are now making 200bhp and 500Nm of torque. So the Endeavour has some catching up to do in this department. With the new Ford Endeavour, we are expecting a bigger engine to show up alongside this 2.0-litre option.

New generation Ford Endeavour – Ranger spy shots show details


Currently, the Endeavour gets decent features for everyday use. But buyers now want the best and every base covered when they compare the car to segments above or below. The Endeavour falls a bit back if you look at modern features like wireless charging, ventilated seats, versatile connected cars tech and other stuff that is seen on new cars. Ford might offer these features in the new Ford Endeavour updating it with the market rivals.

Ford Endeavour vs MG Gloster Comparison

Redesigned Modern interiors

As of now, the Endeavour feels like a good place to be in terms of interior feel and quality. But after so many years, the look is getting old and overall make the cabin feel a bit less inviting. An overhaul to the dashboard, instrument cluster and center console could change the way people look at the new Endeavour. Also, this could make space for a bigger infotainment system and also a bigger digital instrument cluster. Lastly, we could also see some change in the last row which was not really spacious for adults.


Everything about the 2022 Ford Endeavour

Apart from these 3 things we think that the current generation Endeavour does the job. Do let us know if you have any suggestions regarding how the Endeavour should change in the upcoming generation change.

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