The current Ford Endeavor in India is now more than half a decade old car. Over the course of it’s time in the market, the car has been given multiple updates over the model years. We saw old engines give way for a whole new 2.0-litre diesel mill with a 10-speed automatic. New colors and slight enhancements were made to the fascia of the car. On the inside we saw technology change with features like FordPass coming in. But now it’s time for a new generation Ford Endeavour.

So what can we expect? Well, the new Ford Ranger has been spotted testing in Australia. And since a long time, the Everest (Endeavours name in other markets) has followed after the new Ranger has debuted in the market, we can predict a few things straight away for the new generation Ford Endeavour.

new generation Ford Endeavour

New Generation Ford Endeavour Changes

As we can see in first picture on the top – the car is now heavily inspired from the bigger F-150 series pick-up truck that is sold abroad.  See how similar the C-shaped LED headlights, six-point grille and square front foglight housings are, while the taillights and shape of the chrome back bumpers seem nearly identical and even the new alloys look very similar. Now talking about India – this all could be seen on the new generation Ford Endeavour too. The design will be similar on the truck sold abroad and the SUV that will come to India. The car could also get Ford’s new twin turbo 2.0-litre diesel engine that makes 214ps and 500Nm of torque which it’s competition – the Toyota Fortuner makes.

Earlier there were rumors of the Ranger also to make a entry into India. When we asked Ford, since both the SUV and truck are so similar – if that would be a possibility, Ford did not want to comment. We do know from sources that Toyota is looking at the Toyota Hilux to join its sibling the Fortuner in India. Will it be good for Ford to get the new generation Ranger and Endeavor to India together? Let us know in the comments. From what we see in these spyshots, this looks like a clay model or early prototype for the upcoming car.

Coming soon - new generation Ford Endeavour

Ford to take on Hyundai Creta without Mahindra

Launch And Price

This is something too early to speak or speculate about. Ford India has been recently a change of plans since the JV split from Mahindra. The company is looking forward to a C-Segment SUV first to get some sales moving. And apart from that, we expect the new generation Ford Endeavor which performs well for it’s segment will get updated in India when the international model comes. Ford India has not said anything about timelines for it’s products this year. So we will have to wait and find out.

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Images: Which Car Austrailia


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