Rains can be intimidating for bike riders. They are responsible for quite a lot of accidents in India. In this articles, we are going to walk you through how to prepare your bike for rains so that you can have safe monsoon travel.

First Aid Kit

Accidents are unpredictable and how much ever you try to minimize the risk there will always be some chance that you might end up being in one or seeing one. Having a first aid kit helps a lot. Every 2 wheeler comes with a basic kit. Now you can carry one in your bag which has more things or you can just make sure that your kit which you have in your bike is well updated. This is essential when you prepare your bike for rains.

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Tyre Hugger

Most manufacturers provide bikes with mudguards to prevent splashing of water/much on the rear passenger. If you have added a tail tidy to enhance the looks of the bike then you need not add the mudguards back again. Just add a tyre hugger for monsoons. It will mount on your swing arm and not take away much of the looks of the bike.

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Check Battery

Nowadays a lot of bikes come without a kickstart. Also, the cold of the rain has some effect on the battery. So make sure that your battery is charging well and will not leave you stranded during heavy rains. While you are checking the battery also make sure that you check the wiring. Most bikes are water proof but with time this water proofing wears off and there might be other elements like rodents that might affect it.

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Prepare your bike for rains – Check Headlights

Due to rains visibility will below. Also riding in the rain will cause a lot of splashing of much on the headlight. This might hinder the intensity of the lights. Just makes sure that you clean the light before every ride and also after every ride in the rain. Also, if your headlight casing has become milky then make sure that it is buffed and made clear again. You can also prepare your bike for rains by adding a set of more powerful auxiliary lights.

protect your bike in rains

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Anti-Rust and tyre tread

This is a solution that protects the chrome and shiny parts of your bike. Most modern bikes have powder-coated solutions that do not need this treatment but if you have a Royal Enfield which usually has a lot of metal then you should consider getting a coat of anti-rust on. Also check the reaction your brakes are having on the tyres in slippery conditions. A set of  old tyres will lead to imbalance and accidents in the monsoons.

protect your bike in rains

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protect your bike in rains

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