FY2021 has been rough. Since last year with the pandemic every one has been hit, even Royal Enfield. But that did not deter the brand from launching their BS6 bikes, updating the Himalayan, getting the all-new Meteor and also concentrating on customer activities with no Rider Mania happening last year. They got new riding gear to the market and also launched the MIY (Make It Your own) program to customize Royal Enfield bikes individually. So has sales been for the last financial year. Let’s take a look model wise.

Royal Enfield 650 Twins

The flagship products for Royal Enfield. Although the company manages to provide a 650cc parallel-twin engine bike at a low price there aren’t many takers for it. They are premium bikes and offer great bang for the buck but is a bit out the reach for someone who just wants a RE for daily use and commuting. The engine is relaxed and is easygoing. There is a 49.20% decrease in sales as sales have gone down from 20,188 to 10,256 units in FY2021.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is an adventure bike that comes at a reasonable price. The simple nature of the bike has been the key attraction for the customer. Also, the aftermarket accessories are well developed for this bike. In spite of all this the Royal Enfield Himalayan has seen an 11.37% drop in sales. The sales have gone down from 15,302 to 13,562 units. We could attribute this to the pandemic and lockdown which caused a big drop in people making purchases for travelling and touring. Many buyers would have postponed buying a bike.

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Royal Enfield Meteor

This is a new entrant in the Royal Enfield lineup. It has been quite a hit but still hasn’t been able to capture the numbers of the Classic and the Bullet. The Meteor has sold 39,893 units now we will see in the coming months how it performs further. The bike is a solid product and it squares of with the Honda CB350.

Royal Enfiled Bullet Electra TwinSpark

This bike comes as a separate variant under the Bullet brand. The bike has single-handedly done 50,579 units which also indicates growth of 11.5% when compared with 45,545 units in the last financial year. The old school charm of the Bullet still works in favor of RE for riders who want looks and presence over everything else.

Royal Enfield Bullet

The Bullet is a cheaper way to access the Royal Enfield family. With the Bullet, you get a very basic bike but is again a favorite among Indians who want to be part for the prestigious Royal Enfield family. The sales of Bullet have seen a 25.04% drop as the units have dropped from 1,30,752 units to 98,008 units.

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Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield Classic is the most famous and best selling bike for the brand. This bike has sold 3,98,144 units in the previous financial year. In FY2021 it has seen a 9.29% drop with 3,61,140 units. Overall this bike has contributed 63% to the overall sales of the brand and is still going strong.

This year with the end of the pandemic we will see more bikes from Royal Enfield. Spotted testing are – the new Classic 350 and various other models that will use the 650cc motor. Stay tuned to know more.

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