Riding a bike in a city is the fastest way to commute. It does not require you to stop as much as a car in traffic and also has other advantages in terms of fuel economy, less parking hassles and ownership is cheaper. At the same time, some convenience and safety factors are reduced. So here are some city bike accessories which could improve your safety and convenience.

Breathable or waterproof gloves

Gloves are important during city rides. These will protect you from damage if there is a minor accident. Also, gloves will keep your hands safe from dust and pollution elements. They also work as a protection against the sun. At the same time, one could also invest in a set of waterproof gloves that will work in the monsoons.

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Tank Bag

Carrying back pack on a bike might lead to excess pressure on the shoulders. Instead, if you have a tank bag it works as a great way to store stuff. There are tank bags in the market that also act like backpacks when off the bike. These might be the ones that you should go for if you take your bike to work daily. Also they are more convenient to access when you are in the saddle and need to access something that you need. Once you start using a small tank bag to store items that you would stuff in your pockets or a small bag on your back, you will always use one.


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Levers and Protectors

This should be considered under city bike accessories as it protectors your lever while filtering through traffic. Also having adjustable levers makes you a little bit more comfortable while using the clutch and brake in traffic.

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Phone Holder

Having a phone holder will save you the time to stop and check who is calling. While riding to work or just traveling in the city staying away from your phone is not really a option. One needs it for navigation or to see who is calling. This is why a phone mount with charging support is an important bike accessory. This setup is again very convenient for your bike on highway rides too.

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Tank Pads

City bike rides could mean that you might be wearing formals. The belt buckle might end up scratching your tank. So getting a tank pad seems like a smart decision even though how tacky it might look. Also, make sure that it is stuck to your tank using a clear solution adhesive or it might do the opposite when it is removed.

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