While everyone sees videos and advertisements of cars being shown in their top-variant format, you might consider buying a base model of a car due to budget constraints or other reasons. In this article, we are going to tell you about the modifications for base model cars which can turn them into looking like the top model cars.


Most manufacturers provide cars with smaller wheels for the base models. Some also do not provide alloy wheels. You could increase the wheel size as well as get bigger wheels by swapping the stock ones with aftermarket designer alloy wheels. This could drastically improve the looks of the vehicle depending on the type of wheels and tyre profile you choose. Also with the type of wheels, you can change the ride and handling and tune it to your liking.

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Chrome Surrounds

To make your base model vehicle look more like a top model one can add chrome surrounds. If done properly and tastefully chrome can enhance the look of the car a lot. One can also add brushed silver accents too. This could also include the chrome on the door handle and body colour painted ORVMs.

Chrome Surrounds

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Music System modifications for base model

Usually, base model cars do not have good sound systems and in some cases aren’t even offered with one. Getting an aftermarket solution that makes the car sound better is a good idea. The aftermarket modifications for base model cars in terms of infotainment systems is huge. One can transform the feel of the car with added comfort of having a big touchscreen that gives one more controls like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, better graphics, 360 degree parking and more. The simple modification with added modules to the infotainment setup transforms a car.

music system modifications for base model

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Reverse Parking Camera

Nowadays most cars come with reverse parking sensors. But the feature is rarely offered on the lower variants. So if you have a base model car then you should add a reverse parking camera to it. It will add to the comfort and convenience while reversing and parking the car. This is actually one of the must have modifications for base model of any car.

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Cruise Control

Cruise control might be one of the more complicated modifications. It might be possible only when a piggyback ECU is added or by changing the value on the original ECU. It is difficult. You would also need a button module to control and trigger cruise control. We have seen in the aftermarket cars like the Hyundai Venue have been fitted with one.

Cruise Control

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