We all know how important safety has become these days. Some manufacturers market their products by boasting the high safety ratings that their products had scored in crash tests. The safety of a car can be enhanced by various additions like ESC, airbags and other such key elements. In this article, we will particularly discuss cars with 6 airbags. Let’s go.

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Ford Figo

Ford Figo front

Ford Figo is the cheapest car from the American brand, however, they have not compromised when it comes to safety. The car gets 6 airbags in top-of-the-line variants. The top variant starts at Rs 8.25 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

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Ford Freestyle

Ford Freestyle is the brand’s crossover that is also offered with 6 airbags for the maximum safety of the passengers. Interested customers can buy the 6-airbag variants that start from Rs 8.65 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

Ford Aspire


This sedan from the American brand also gets 6-airbags, making it the only car in its segment to offer these many airbags. The 6-airbags are offered on the top variants of the Ford Aspire. These start at Rs 8.82 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport, similar to other offerings from the American brand is also offered with 6 airbags in its few variants. The variants offering 6 airbags start at Rs 12.33 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

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Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20

The Hyundai i20 is a very strong contender in the premium hatchback segment. The latest one offers 6 airbags with its top-of-the-line variants. These variants start from Rs 10.67 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

Hyundai Venue

Hyundai Venue

The Korean brand’s compact SUV comes loaded with features that make it a great value-for-money product. One of the features is the 6 airbags that are offered from the top variant. The variants with the 6 airbags start at Rs 12.93 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

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Hyundai Verna

verna (2)

Hyundai Verna, similar to the i20 and the Venue comes loaded with 6 airbags in its top-of-the-line variant. These variants start at Rs 15 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

Kia Sonet

Sonet HTE (9)

Kia Sonet was one of the latest entries in the compact SUV segment, however, the delay did not make a huge difference for the product. The car looks modern and comes loaded with premium features. The Sonet also gets 6 airbags with its top-of-the-line variants. These variants start from Rs 13.97 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

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New Honda City

The New Honda City has become more practical and modern. The car now offers even more safety than what it used to offer before. The car now gets 6 airbags with its top variants. They start at Rs 14.51 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

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