As we begin, I know the question after reading that title that comes in your mind is – Wasn’t the whole point of the Safari to be a 3 row SUV? Well yes, and it is a good one. As shown in a video on our channel, the third row seats are actually very good to be in for even tall passengers. Something that cannot be said about the old generation Safari with jumper seats that faced sideways. But for the sake of argument even though it might now be feasible on a production line to alter things immediately, today let’s discuss what a Tata Safari 5 seater could be like.

Tata Safari 5 seater

Tata Safari 5 seater Bonuses

Now the Safari is being  bought by 2 type of people. One who might occasionally use the third row and the other who are fans of the Safari nameplate and want a bigger car. We know that people like the looks of the car a lot as the Adventure Persona trim has come out to be the highest selling trim in the top variants of the car. Now if the buyer is looking for looks, space, size and maximum utility – the third row has to go. It frees up a lot of bootspace for the more adventurous or utilitarian type. That also means air vents, blower controls and seat belts could be removed. The only things that one would want here are charging sockets and USB ports (one can’t have enough of those). With that in mind, the second row will have to be a 60:40 split. Rest of the features could be the same with the top XZ+ or XZA+. Added features here could be a electric tailgate.

Another reason to 5 seater variant can be to get more competitive with the MG  Hector. Right now the Safari with a length of 4661mm is a bit longer than the standard Hector at 4655mm. While the standard Hector might square off on paper with the Tata Harrier since both are 5 seaters, one cannot ignore the fact that the Hector is longer and is attracting buyers who want bootspace and a big car. A Tata Safari 5 seater serves as a perfect option for those buyers who want those aspects in their car and makes the Tata portfolio more diverse as well.

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Tata Safari 5 seater

Is it possible?

Yes it is. But before that we will see Tata address other things in a update – ventilated seats, wireless charging and other features that customers might want. But with some changes done and maybe with the addition of 4×4 Tata could launch a hardcore version of the Safari for the enthusiasts. The Land Rover derived OMEGArc platform is capable of that kind of a drive train. We know that the decision to not give it four wheel drive comes because of the low sales that follow as only a niche segment of buyers get such a car. But I hope just like Jeep got us a enthusiast focused Compass Trailhawk, a Safari could be too.

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