Smart rearview mirrors enhance the user-friendliness of a car along with enhancing the safety of occupants as well as other people on the road. Ford has also started offering Smart Mirrors for its vans as an accessory, reiterating the fact that they do play a key role in terms of safety enhancement. In this article, we will discuss smart rearview mirrors and understand what importance they play in terms of safety addition. Let’s go.

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What are Ford’s ‘Smart Mirrors’?

Smart rearview mirror 1

Ford has introduced a ‘Smart Mirror’ for its vans. The Smart Mirror, although looks really similar to a regular mirror, but is actually a high-definition screen, twice the width of a regular mirror, that displays the live feed from a camera installed at the rear of the van. The Smart Mirror shows a panoramic view of what is behind the van which the driver would generally miss due to the absence of rear glass.

The drivers, without the Smart Mirror, had to completely rely on the ORVMs to get a sense of the surroundings. The ORVMs, however, only provide limited visibility, increasing the chances of accidents. With the new addition, the drivers can take up city driving with much ease and confidence.

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Why are they necessary?

Land Rover Defender shark fin with camera

Cars like the Ford EcoSport and the Mahindra Thar that have an external spare wheel attached at the rear should be offered with smart rear-view mirrors. An extra wheel attached to the rear increases the length of the car and might interfere with the perception of distance as well as reduce visibility for a driver. Smart Mirrors can help in spotting pedestrians and other vehicles behind the cars and ensures their safety as well.

Some cars are already being offered with this feature. The Land Rover Defender, for instance, gets a camera integrated into the shark fin antenna that provides a live feed of the rear, giving a complete knowledge of the surroundings to the driver. The other brands should also use such measures in order to enhance safety. Smart rearview mirrors are available as after-market accessories also. People interested can get them installed on their vehicles.

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