The new Hyundai i20, which was launched last year in the country has set itself as the best premium hatchback in its segment. With multiple segment-first features and Hyundai’s trust, the i20 sets itself apart as an all-rounder. But, there are still some features we wish were present on the new i20. In this article, we will be discussing 5 features we want on the new Hyundai i20.

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Diesel Automatic


The Hyundai i20 comes with a plethora of engine and transmission options. The i20 is offered with automatic gearboxes mated to petrol engines, however, the diesel only gets a manual gearbox. The i20 heavily misses a diesel automatic, and we expect Hyundai to bring the automatic gearbox with the diesel engine, in a higher-spec variant like the i20 N-line.

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Flat-bottom steering wheel with Paddle shifters

Creta SX steering

The i20 does not get a flat-bottom steering wheel, which adds to the style quotient of the interior. Along with this, the i20 also misses on paddle-shifters which along with increasing sportiness add functionality. With paddle shifters, the driver does not have to take his hands off the steering, giving him full control of the vehicle. The paddle shifters are also expected to come with higher variants.

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Rear sun-blinders

The Hyundai Creta gets rear sun-blinders which add convenience for the passengers. The Hyundai i20, however, misses the rear blinders. Rear blinders are used to prevent heat from entering the cabin and can also be used to maintain privacy along with giving premium-look to the overall cabin.

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Cooled seats

New Hyundai i20 ventilated seats

The Hyundai i20 misses ventilated cooled seats on the front which add to the comfort of passengers. With ventilated cool seats, long-distance travelling becomes easy irrespective of the weather being warm. Cooled seats are offered with the Creta and should be offered with the Hyundai i20 as well.

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Remote Engine Start-Stop on key

Tigor start stop

The Hyundai i20 gets the brand’s flagship Connected Car tech, the Blue Link. The i20 gets all the compatible features of the Blue Link along with remote engine start-stop. But what the i20 still misses is a remote engine start-stop on the key fob which is offered with the car. Placing the remote engine start-stop button on the key will make it more convenient for the user to use the function.

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