Honda Activa is the blind choice while buying a scooter. But there are scooter in the Market that are as good as the Honda Activa and offer something more over the Honda Activa 6G. Here are some Honda Activa Rivals  which you should consider.

TVS Jupiter

TVS is a brand that offers great brand for value. The sales numbers of the Jupiter are inching close to the Honda Activa sales number every month. In terms of design the Activa is very similar to the Jupiter. An all metal body makes it sturdy and frugal to fix.

TVS Jupiter

The 110cc engine on the Jupiter is reliable like the Honda engine. Also the cost of the spare is reasonable in TVS lineup. You should really consider this if you want to save some money over the Activa and get the same package. Also the Jupiter now gets start stop which makes it even more efficient in traffic.

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Price of the Jupiter is Rs 79,800 on Road Mumbai, where as the Activa is Rs 82,864. 

Honda Dio

The Dio is the same scooter as the Activa 6g and comes in a different packaging. The 110cc engine is exactly same and the light body of the Dio makes it feel more lively. Also considering this among the Honda Activa Rivals is something that every buyer should do. The design looks fresh and the price is also quite less than Activa.

Honda Dio

The Honda Dio with its fibre body and light body cost at Rs 80,144 On Road Mumbai. The Dio is cheaper even if you consider the ex-showroom price of the Honda Activa 6g which is Rs 66,366

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Hero Maestro 110

The Maestro comes in 2 variant and the 110cc variant comes at a price of Rs 77,962. This attractive price and assurance of Hero as a brand makes the Maestro a choice to not neglect among Honda Activa Rivals.

The colour option on the Hero Maestro Edge 110 are also vibrant. The only downside of buying a Hero maestro is the suspension. If compared to all the scooters in this list it lack and that is justifiable according to the price of the vehicle.

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Suzuki Access

Although it is a 125cc scooter it costs about Rs 89,001. The price of the Suzuki access is just Rs 7,000 more than the Honda Activa. It is a the fastest scooter among the 125cc.

Suzuki Access Honda Activa Rivals

Suzuki Access 125 in the Honda Activa Rivals gets an eco indicator.

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Yamaha Facino

Yamaha Facino Honda Activa Rivals

Yamaha Facino is a very stylish looking scooter in this range. At Rs 88,500 the Yamaha offers a bigger engine, unique design and a light body. All this make it a worthy rival to the Honda Activa 6g. The slightly higher price is justified with the bigger engine.

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