The Harrier is a compact SUV from TATA. While it is a compact SUV, when you look at it, it looks like a big car and the dimensions tell you that as well. It is bigger when compared to the likes of the Kia Seltos or the Hyundai Creta and it does sit slightly above them with the Jeep Compass. So while the Tata Harrier with its new 168 bhp engine is good for highway use, can it be used daily around the city or should it be only kept as a car mainly for long journeys. We find out below.

Intuitive gearbox

The gearbox of the Harrier is very intuitive. Both the manual and the automatic and are very smooth. They work well on highways and provide you with the power to overtake other cars when needed.  The manual is very smooth to use and the clutch is also light which makes the Harrier a good manual package. But more of the urban buyers will look to go for the automatic gearbox which is very intuitive and seamless to use. Usually, the problem with automatic gearboxes are that they often tend to be laggy in urban usage and are also jerky. But the six-speed automatic gearbox really complements the engine nicely and provides a seamless driving experience in the city.

2019 Tata Harrier Dark Edition rear


There are a lot of features and practicality that the Tata Harrier brings along with it. Firstly, the steering of the Harrier is indeed very light and makes it easy to use in the city. It also gets many features such as parking sensors that help you guide the Tata Harrier into tight spaces. The car also gets a different city driving mode that adjusts the overall dynamics of the car to suit the city driving.

New Tata Harrier mileage

The engine and the gearbox both are very efficient in their usage. While both of them work nicely on the highway and provide you with ample power when needed. Even in the city, the mileage that the car gives you is noteworthy. Especially the diesel claims a mileage of 16 km/l but gives you a real-world mileage of 12.5 km/l which is impressive. It also gets an economy mode in the car, which helps the car achieve a higher mileage by adjusting the driving dynamics of the car.

2019 Tata Harrier Dark Edition dashboard

New Tata Harrier verdict

The Tata harrier before the BS6 update was a very good car but lacked certain features such as the sunroof and the automatic gearbox. But, with the introduction of the automatic gearbox, it has become a complete package for highway, as well as city usage. You can check our complete review on the new Tata Harrier BS6 below:


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  • How is the steering of Tata Harrier very light. Of all my research till now, it looks like at low speed its steering is not light and could have been made better… I have also done the test ride, felt the same for me too. do let me know your thoughts on how you are telling that its steering is very light. this will help me adjust to my understanding. thanks