BMW has launched the pricing of the BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine. We had recently covered the review of the long Wheelbase of the vehicle. Here is my take on the BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine


BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine

At the price of Rs 51.50-53.90 lakh the 3 series is a good deal as it is one of the most affordable rear wheel drive BMWs in India.

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BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine

At this price the long wheel base version of the 3 series is a driver’s car which further is made to be a comfortable and spacious Sedan. Here are a few reason why you should consider the long wheel base over the regular BMW 3 series.

Better Rear Seat Comfort

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine

With the long wheelbase of the vehicle the BMW 3 series becomes more comfortable at the rear. In India if you are spending such high cost on a vehicle you would want to leave the driver seat and spend time in the rear seat. This is where the rear seat comfort shine in the LWB.

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BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine

No Compromise on Driving

Being a longer car this carries slightly more weight. So if you are under the impression that the weight of the vehicle has affected performance then you might be mistaken. The company has tuned it well for the extra weight.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine

The diesel engine feel a bit low of response time but it is not bothersome. If you are an enthusiast the I would suggest that you go for the petrol option which feels quick. Diesel would be for someone who is looking at this car for daily travel and would be happy with somewhat better mileage from the BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine.

Complete Review

Panaromic Sunroof

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine

One last thing about the BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine comes with a panoramic sunroof. It does extend over till the rear seat and even the rear passengers can enjoy the view.

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