BMW has unwrapped covers off the new BMW Concept i4. This vehicle will be seen as a new vehicle in their electric vehicles lineup. The car will become production-ready in 2021. This is a vehicle that will take the concept i3 ever further. Here is a design breakdown of the BMW i4

BMW i4 Design

The design is all that we can talk about this car now. To start with the front of the car. We have an iconic kidney grille of BMW. this grill is now tweaked and made elongated and is now vertical. The lights of the vehicle have this aggressive stance and they carry the iconic design of the BMW lineup. Below the headlights, there is the air intake. This might be a functional intake with a dual purpose. It might cool the motor and also for aerodynamic. Moving to the sides the vehicle has a design of a coupe. Although it is a Gran Coupe it gets a four-door design. The wheels have a very futuristic layout. It also gets a complete panoramic sunroof.  The rear design of the vehicle is very iconically BMW. The BMW i4 Concept will translate into a very sharp looking vehicle. The car gets LED taillights.

BMW Statement

Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design, said, “The design of the BMW Concept i4 shows fantastic proportions, a powerfully expressive character and, of course, a lot of attention to detail. With the BMW Curved Display, we have redefined BMW’s signature driver focus in an extremely elegant way. At the same time, the Concept i4 transports a feeling of sustainable driving pleasure.”

BMW Concept i4

BMW i4 Powertrain

The BMW i4 gets an electric powertrain with a range of 600 km on one charge. It has a power of 537 BHP. This gives the car an acceleration of 0-100 in 4.0 secs. The car’s top speed is capped at 200 Km/hr. This powertrain is a good answer to Tesla’s powertrain. But the price of the vehicle might be something that might not be competitive. The car gets a 150 kW fast charging capability. It does 80 percent charge in 35 mins.


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