Honda was always in need to hit the small hatch segment and that was answered by the Brio. It was the small hatch of the small hatches. Small, usable, idea for the city and efficient and reliable thanks to Honda. The Brio came out in 2011 and was an instant hit. But as time passed so did the sales figures. Now in 2017 Honda has introduced the new Brio. What are the changes in the new Honda Brio 2017?  Are there any additional features?  We share our detailed review of the new Honda Brio 2017. 

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New Honda Brio 2017 Price


VariantOn-Road Delhi
E MTINR 5,17,951
S MTINR 5,72,239
VX MTINR 6,70,096
VX ATINR 7,64,787

With small number of four variants for this small car, the price is no where small. So let us find out if you are getting your money’s worth or Honda as usual relying on its reliability quotient.

New Honda Brio 2017 Dimensions

DimensionsHonda Brio
Length3610 mm
Width1680 mm
Height1500 mm
WheelBase2345 mm
Ground Clearance165 mm
Kerb Weight930 kgs

New Honda Brio 2017 Specifications 

Engine1.2L i-VTEC
Power88 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Torque109 Nm @ 4500 rpm
Transmission5-speed automatic/6-speed Manual
Top Speed160 km/h
0-10012.47 sec

New Honda Brio 2017 Design

The headlamps design remains the same with them being clear but now has a slight shade of black in the insets. There is a fibre strip connecting both headlamps with a Honda logo in the centre that looks like the mustache of Bhagat Singh. There is a thin chrome strip at the base of the grill that is almost non existent. The bumper now scoops a bit forward and the housing for the fog lamps is now spearheaded facing inwards.

The front and rear wheel arches bulge a bit outside for a more sportier feel. There is a sharp strip the flow from the front wheel arch diagonally to the C-Pillar and adds a bit of sophistication. The black B-Pillar looks quite sporty. The five twin spoke alloys appear like a twinkling star while spinning and have a simple yet elegant look.


New Honda Brio 2016 motion

Well the rear windscreen and the boot door is the same. The mirrors finally get side indicators. This is nothing like I have seen before and is adds a nice unique touch to the car. The good part is the large glass make visibility a bliss. The bad part is the loading lip is high and hence the bags have to raised quite a bit to load in the boot space which is also not much. The Triangle wrap around headlamp looks good and so does the spoiler at the top of the windscreen.

New Honda Brio 2016 front

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New Honda Brio 2017 Interiors

The steering is simple three point steering and now also comes with steering mounted controls. The silver strips on the sides look nice. The blue instrument cluster is a three pod cluster with speedometer in the centre and the tachometer to the left with fuel and other info to the right. The Blue backlight looks good. THe centre console is all black.with a really small screen. The dashboard is all black. You get two interior options otherwise that are black or beige.

This is for the seats and the door panels. The chrome strip on the dash remains the same irrespective the colour of the interiors. The gear knob is small is easy to use and there are nice two cup/bottle holders in front of it. Sadly they are so close that you accidently keep nudging it. The rear seat is flat and so is the bump on the floor which is almost flat. The beige makes the car feel more roomy.

New Honda Brio 2016 interior

Other than this, there is no change on the New Honda Brio 2017. The front seats continue to have fixed headrests. They are large and comfortable. The space offered in the New Honda Brio 2017 is good enough. The second row isn’t tight on knee room. This makes it a good option to consider, as it has good interior space in both the rows. The only downside of the New Honda Brio 2017 is its small boot. This is tiny and even the access to it is poor. The loading lip is very high making it difficult put and remove things.

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New Honda Brio 2017 Engine

The engine on the New Honda Brio 2017 is the same 1.2-litre unit. This mill churns about 88bhp of power and 115Nm of torque. The mechanicals remain the same. This engine is mated to a five-speed manual and also a CVT (automatic transmission) option. This i-VTEC engine is a highly refined mill. The good bit about New Honda Brio 2017 engine is its performance. It has more than sufficient power to drive in the city. In fact it is quite peppy. One doesn’t need to change gears often while driving in the city. Even on the highway, it can comfortably cruise at about 100-110km/hr.

New Honda Brio 2016 engine

New Honda Brio 2017 Mileage

 1.2 i-VTEC(AUTO)1.2 i-VTEC (Manual)
City13.8 km/l16.2 km/l
Highway19 km/l22 km/l
Overall16 km/l19 km/l
Tank35 litres35 litres
Distance480 km580 km


Being the same engine the auto and the manual have different efficiency. Sometime back I had written an article where the automatic gave more. It is how brands develop the ecu for efficient management of power and efficiency. With an efficiency of 16 km/l and a 35 litre tank the auto can do 480 km till the next fuel pump and the manual with and efficiency of 19 km/l which is excellent for a 88bhp petrol small engine can do 580 km i.e exactly 100 km more than the automatic. If you love to drive, manual it is. If city traffic is what your nemesis is, then automatic.

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The new Honda Brio 2017 mileage is about 14km/l in the city and about 16km/l on the highway. The automatic will return bout 12km/l and 14km/l in the city and the highway. The ARAI mileage for the Brio will be about 19 km/l and 20 km/l (for the automatic).

New Honda Brio 2017 Colours

The Brio is available in the following colours

  • Taffeta White
  • Alabester Silver
  • Urban Titanium
  • Rallye Red
  • White Orchid Pearl

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New Honda Brio 2016 side motion

New Honda Brio 2017 Ride and Handling

The 88 bhp engine is responsive and is quick off the mark. Zipping around in city traffic is effortless especially with the automatic. The suspension is soft and takes care of most of the bad roads, undulations and speed breakers unless the car is heavily loaded with people, by that I mean all 4 people. The soft suspension does lower the car quite a bit. The car has a low centre of gravity still due to the soft suspension can’t be thrown around corners. If the signal is your start line you may be the 1st to heave a start.

The automatic is responsive but the manual is quicker. If at all Honda had a glitch it would be the CVT automatic. That feels like a drag. The Brios overtakes efficiently too. Honda have ticked all the right boxed. 88 bhp, responsive throttle and 19 km/l. What else could you ask for in a small car. As I have mentioned before this would be an IDEAL car for Mr Bean in today’s world.


Honda is offering decent value for money. Also giving you options for automatic and manual. Honda have done their best to provide power and efficiency and it shows in bold. The Brio only keeps getting better and won’t be long if it goes down in history books just like the other small cars of previous generations.


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