Toyota will be introducing multiple new small cars in India that will be priced under 10 lakhs. Toyota is now the 100% owner of Daihatsu brand. This company has expertise in making the most affordable cars across the globe. This is done without affecting the quality and other aspects that play sentiments for small car buyers. The world’s largest car maker Toyota, is looking at increasing its growth in India and Daihatsu has already commenced work on it.

As per the report, Toyota-Daihatsu are together working on making a new platform for small cars for the Asian car market. This even includes India in it. It is unclear at the moment, if the cars under this brand will be called as Toyota, Daihatsu or an all together new name. There will be clarity on this, when Toyota will make its announcement somewhere by January 2017.

Toyota is looking at enhancing its reach in India. So far, it hasn’t done well with the Etios and Etios Liva for the Indian car market. It will be looking capturing more market share in India. It is rumoured that the Daihatsu Ayla’s new-generation could make it into India. At the moment, it is a bit too early to say anything, but Toyota is looking at this product. Studies are being done if this can make it to India anytime.


Toyota will get Daihatsu’s new platform DNGA, which will be used to make small cars. The facility for this purpose will be Toyota’s Karnataka plant on the outskirts of Bengaluru. The brand is looking at capitalising the Indian car market, where most of the vehicles sold are under 10 lakhs. So, the company is working on getting a new hatchback and even a small SUV against the Vitara Brezza. This will help the company to explore the larger market segment. This will boost the company’s sales in India. The new products will be made with Daihatsu and Toyota’s technologies together. The aim will be to make modern cars for new car buyers and offer them the best value for money features, quality, design and ease of ownership.

The A and B segments will be targeted. We believe the company will even get new sedans in this segment. These new vehicles will have high content of local parts, which will help to reduce the prices and become more competitive. Toyota will want to enter the segment that is currently dominated by Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai in India.

Launch Date

It is a bit too early to say the exact timeline, but we reckon this will start sometime in 2019. At the moment, the company is forming plans. Till 2018, Toyota will be focusing on larger vehicles, especially UVs for India. There is the new Innova Crysta, then the Fortuner 2016 is on its way. The 2017 Corolla Altis facelift will make its debut next year. So, there are several products that the company has for the Indian car market. Toyota is now enhancing its dealer network, its manufacturing and brand value with these products.