We all know the importance that road logistics holds in India. Everyday we see trucks running across India to transport essential goods at a particular time. Also, you must have noticed how beautifully some of our trucks are painted. You must have seen trucks painted with some scenery or Indian monuments. But have you ever wondered why truck drivers paint their trucks? Well, the answer might melt your heart.

Vice Asia, a youtube channel decided to ask this question to the truck drivers themselves. They also visited New Super Body Repairs in Madhya Pradesh, where they Mr. Nafees, who is well known to paint trucks. Vice Asia asked Naseef and other truck drivers the reason to get their trucks painted.
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Why are Indian trucks painted?

Indian Trucks

Each one of them had different purposes to paint their trucks but one thing they had in common was they paint their trucks as the truck becomes their home in the long run. Truck drivers live a difficult life as at times they travel for more than 20 to 25 days. During such trips they are far away from their home and family. So in the memories of family, truck drivers often paint their trucks with some meaning attached to them.

For instance, one of the truck drivers in the video mentioned that he got his village portrayed in the paintings. In the villages of India we often get a view of rivers, mountains, and small huts, and that’s exactly what they like to see on their trucks. Some truck drivers like the monuments and so they get the painting of Taj Mahal or any other monumental design from their hometown. While some truck drivers like to write some quotes or the name of their children or the name of their spiritual leaders.

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Decorative Cabin of Indian Trucks

Indian Trucks

Now it’s not just the outer body that the truckers like to decorate. In case you have ever noticed, cabins of some trucks are also decorated. The roof is laminated with some beautiful pictures and they love to add different lights inside the cabin. Finally, they even add some accessories like fans and music systems to keep them entertained during the journey.

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Difficulties Faced By Truck Drivers

Overall, truck drivers have to stay away from their family for weeks and months and get the trucks painted in their memories. Also, one of the truck drivers mentioned how driving trucks for ages affects their health. Firstly they hardly get to bathe during journeys and so are covered in dust. And with time, driving at nights with lights of other vehicles from the opposite side, damages their eyesight after a certain age. So the next time when you see trucks with beautiful paintings on them, admire the art if possible. 

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