2023 has started with a bang for the Indian automotive scene. January saw record sales, and February is continuing the trend. SUVs continue to bring the lion’s share of sales. Like every month, we are bringing a list of the best-selling SUVs in February. In today’s article, let’s talk about top SUVs in February 2023. 

Maruti Brezza

Top SUV february 2023

Taking the top spot is the Maruti Brezza. The Brezza has successfully dethroned the Nexon after a gap of a few months. The new Brezza is known for its reliability and features. Maruti sold 9,183 units of the Brezza in February. A decent enough rise from the 8,662 units it sold in January 2023. 

Tata Nexon

Top SUV february 2023

The Nexon slots into the second spot after making the top spot its own in the last few months. Tata sold 13,914 units of the Nexon in February 2023. In January, it sold 15,567 units of Nexon. The drop could be due to inventory management from the brand. Talking about the Nexon, it is packed with features and comes with powerful petrol/diesel options. The 5-star safety rating is cheery on the top. 

Top SUVs february 2023 – Tata Punch

Top SUV february 2023

Following the Nexon, is its smaller sibling ‘Punch’. With SUVs in demand, Tata played it right by launching the Punch in the dead micro SUV segment. The Punch with its nifty features and SUV perks gives an amicable SUV experience at an affordable price. Tata sold 11,619 units of Punch in February 2023. In comparison, it sold 12,006 units in January 2023.

Hyundai Creta

Top SUV february 2023

The Hyundai Creta makes its presence felt in the top-selling SUV list. As a product, the Creta is known for its features and various drive and powertrain options. Creta is preparing the new 1.5-litre turbo petrol for the Creta, and that could help increase its sales. Hyundai sold 10,421 units in February, a sharp decline from the 15,037 units sold in January 2023.   

Hyundai Venue

Top SUV february 2023

Following the Creta is its smaller sibling the Hyundai Venue. The Venue is raking in good sales since its facelift was launched in 2022. Hyundai also launched the ‘n-line’ for buyers looking for something different. Hyundai sold 9,997 units of the Venue in February 2023. In comparison, Hyundai sold 9,261 units in January 2023. 

Kia Sonet

Top SUV february 2023

The Sonet continues to rake in decent sales for Kia in India. This time around, it even managed to triumph over the Seltos. As a product, the Sonet is known for its aggressive design, features and various powertrain options. Kia sold 9,836 units in January 2023. In comparison, Kia sold 9,261 units in February 2023. 

Top SUVs february 2023 – Maruti Grand Vitara

Top SUV february 2023

The Grand Vitara is doing exactly what Maruti had hoped for. It is not yet challenging the Creta, but is at least knocking on the doors. The mild and strong hybrid setups have given the Grand Vitara a unique advantage. Maruti sold 9,183 units of the Grand Vitara in February 2023. A minor rise from the 8,662 units sold in January 2023. 

Kia Seltos 

Top SUV february 2023

The Seltos has slid into the top-selling SUV list. Very rarely it happens that the Sonet outperforms the Seltos in Kia’s stable. A reason for this slide could be as the facelift is around. Kia sold 8,012 units in February 2023. In comparison, Kia sold 10,470 units in January 2023. 

Mahindra Scorpio Classic and Scorpio-N

Top SUV february 2023

The Scorpio duo has raked in combined sales of 6,950 units in February 2023. A drop from the 8,715 units it sold in January 2023. Why the drop? It could be due to production constraints. We can expect the sales to improve as Mahindra has now started delivering the mid variants. Both Scorpios are known for their capabilities and robustness. 

Top SUVs february 2023 – Mahindra Thar

Top SUV february 2023

Following the Scorpio, is another Mahindra SUV in the form of Thar. The Thar has gained popularity in the lifestyle SUV segment. Mahindra recently launched the RWD Thar, which has increased the overall sales of the SUV. Mahindra sold 5,004 units of the Thar in February 2023. In comparison, it sold 4,410 units in January 2023. 

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