The SUV craze is raging in the country and the C-SUV segment has been the driving force behind this growth. In this segment, the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos drive the bulk of the sales. Both cars are known for their features, but Seltos offers more features. In today’s article, let’s compare the Seltos vs the Creta 2023. 

360-degree camera

A 360-degree camera is kind of a must-have feature in big SUVs. It provides an extra layer of security as you are able to get an all-around top-down view of the car. The Kia Seltos comes with a 360-degree camera, but the Hyundai Creta misses out on it. 

Seltos vs Creta 2023 – Front parking sensors

Seltos vs Creta 2023

The Seltos already comes with a 360-degree camera, but Kia takes it one step ahead by also offering front parking sensors. Front parking sensors help while parking in tight spots. The Creta comes with rear parking sensors but misses out on front parking sensors. 

Heads-up display

Seltos vs Creta 2023

Heads-up display is a feature that transmits some important things in the driver’s field of view near the windscreen. Since it’s transparent, it doesn’t distort the vision of the driver. It adds to safety as the driver doesn’t have to look away from the road as all the important information can be viewed on this screen.

Seltos vs Creta 2023 – Blind spot indicator

Seltos vs Creta 2023

The Kia Seltos comes with a blind spot monitor, which activates when the indicators are used. It displays the blind spot on the instrument cluster, which otherwise would not be visible. It is quite a handy feature in cities and while changing lanes on highways. 

Rain sensing wipers

Seltos vs Creta 2023

The Seltos comes with rain-sensing wipers, which is another convenience feature. Rain-sensing wipers detect water on the windshield and automatically on the wipers. It is not an uncommon feature and a lot of under Rs 10 lakhs cars have started coming with it. Surprisingly, the Hyundai Creta misses out on this. 

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