The French automaker Citroen which is benefitting from its ever-popular C3 hatchback has forayed its plans to enter the 7-seater SUV market. It has the C3 AirCross on the line which could soon be uncovered later this year. Moreover, the reports suggest that we could be seeing an all-electric version of this SUV later. What does this new 7 seater EV unpack? Let us find out.

7 seater EV – Citroen eC3 AirCross

7 seater EV

Citroen plans to imbibe the EV powertrain in the new eC3 AirCross which is going to be poles apart from the global model. The upcoming car has been spotted testing in India which reveals the size of the vehicle. To be made for developing markets like India, this new EV would be larger, ranging at 4.2 metres in length. There’s also a provision for the third row to keep the practicality forte of this EV in check. No details have emerged about the battery pack of this car but we can expect it to get a powerhouse of around 40kWh to 50kWh due to the extra dimensions than the regular eC3.

What else to know?

7 seater EV

The Citroen eC3 AirCross is likely to be based on the PSA group’s eCMP architecture that underpins the eC3. Other than this, the car would take design iterations from the other Citroen cars like the C3 and C5 AirCross. So, we can expect a bold look with pronounced wheel arches, heavy body cladding, chunky tyres and an imposing front look. What about features? The feature list on this car is likely to be on point with various knicks and knacks. Moreover, it could also offer two different seating options – 5-seater and 7-seater.

7 seater EV – Pricing and launch 

7 seater EV

No official details are out regarding the launch of this car but we can only expect it after the ICE C3 AirCross is launched. Therefore, we should expect it no sooner than the year 2025. What about pricing? If it is launched in India, it could go against the likes of the Hyundai Creta EV, Seltos EV and the Maruti eVX SUV which are also slated by 2025. The pricing could be somewhere between Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh (ex-showroom).

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