The second-hand market in India has been booming since the end of the pandemic. It is due to high demand and lower supply leading to a scarcity in the market. Even in the second-hand market SUVs are in demand. So if you are in the market, should you buy a second-hand Duster? In today’s article, we will discuss if you should buy a second-hand Renault Duster in 2023.

Rugged design

Renault Duster 2023

The Duster was known for its rugged looks. Its upright stance kind of made the SUV look popular in the country. Even now, the Duster doesn’t look that outdated. The Duster still grabs eyeballs due to its road presence. 

Renault Duster 2023 – Powerful diesel engine

Renault Duster 2023

The Renault Duster was available in petrol and diesel engine options. However, its most loved option was its diesel engine. The Duster used to come with a 1.5-litre dCi engine capable of producing 105bhp and 245Nm of torque. It’s not only about the specs, the Duster diesel was quite good to drive. Not only the engine performance, but the Duster was also known for its good handling and ride quality. 


Renault Duster 2023

The Duster on its diesel engine also had an all-wheel-drive option. At that time, it was the only car that offered AWD in this segment. So the Duster was an excellent off-roader capable of handling any road. The only downside is that you didn’t get an automatic option on this AWD variant.  

Renault Duster 2023 – Should you buy it?

2019 Renault New Duster Launched

The Renault Duster is quite a competent car. In the second-hand market, you can get the diesel and even the AWD option at quite an attractive price. Due to its rugged nature, you can find the Duster in good conditions. But only consider the Duster if you can ignore the fewer features and older interiors. Barring these points, the Duster is quite a good second-hand car. 

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