The Duster is an iconic nameplate in India. It started the now popular C-SUV segment in India. Initially, Renault enjoyed great success with the Duster, but it failed to capitalise on this lead. What did Renault do wrong? It failed to update the Duster with modern features, and that is where the Hyundai Creta excelled. However, Renault has finally understood the game. The Duster remains a well-known car in India, and Renault wants to capitalise on it. Renault is working on the third-generation Duster and is considering it for an Indian launch as well. In latest developments, new details have emerged about the new Duster. In today’s article, we will talk about the Renault Duster that could make a comeback here.

New development

New Renault Duster

According to reports, the work on the new Duster has started, but not from Renault. So who is developing it? Renault’s sister company, Dacia has started working on the new Duster. Dacia is working on two new SUVs. One is the new Duster, and the second is the Bigster concept it had revealed in 2021. So what is this Bigster concept? The Bigster concept will be a seven-seater SUV. According to the same report, the new Duster will be launched in 2024, while the seven-seater will be launched sometime in 2025.

What else do we know?

New Renault Duster

Renault will directly be bringing the third-generation Duster to India. What about the second generation? Renault has confirmed that it will not be bringing the second-generation here. It had already stopped the production of the first-generation in the country due to low sales. Renault is directly jumping to the third generation as it will be more India-specific. This new Duster is expected to be based on the CMF-B LS, a lower spec model of the CMF-B platform.

New Renault Duster – Design expectations

New Renault Duster

The 3rd-generation will share design cues with the Bigster concept. It will get a boxy design with a futuristic front design. From the renders, it is expected to get a grille design shaped like a light with the DRL pattern running through it. Other than that it will come with muscular fenders, diamond cut alloys and silver skid plates. Will this be the final design? Only time can tell. What do you think about the new Duster? Do let us know in the comments.

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