Maruti Brezza is raking in a healthy amount of sales. Be it the popularity of the SUV segment or the loaded list of this car, one way or the other, Brezza has become an instant hit. However, there’s one more upcoming Maruti SUV that could cannibalise the it. It’s the highly anticipated Jimny and today we would be telling you whether Brezza buyers should wait for the Jimny.

Make sense to buy Maruti Jimny over Brezza?

Upcoming Maruti SUV

Maruti Jimny is going to be the successor to the iconic Gypsy. Taking some genetics from its capable predecessor, the new Jimny would be offroad-worthy as well. This new car will be based on a unique body-on-frame setup which is not seen on any other Maruti cars in India. Other than this it would carry a utilitarian boxy design with a 5-door setup. This major USP of this car could lure buyers for a lifestyle offroader over the Thar.

Upcoming Maruti SUV -Better capabilities!

Upcoming Maruti SUV

If you compare it with the Brezza, the Jimny is set on a proper body on the frame chassis. This would result in better performance off the tarmac. Then if we talk about its overall dimensions, it is likely to stand below the 4-metre mark making it easier to drive in the city.

Upcoming Maruti SUV

Getting under its hood, the 5-door Jimny is likely to get a 1.5-litre petrol engine which is seen in the Brezza (102bhp and 137Nm of torque). However, whether it could get Maruti’s All grip Pro ‘4×4’ setup is still on the fence. 

Maruti Brezza vs Jimny -less features?

Upcoming Maruti SUV

If Jimny is brought in under the 4-metre category, both of these cars will sit in the sub-compact SUV category. Though Jimny with its unique utilitarian styling will fall under the lifestyle offroader category, it will pack in more practicality. First of all, is a chance of getting a 3rd-row setup. Other than this Jimny is likely to get a 7-inch touchscreen, automatic climate control, steering-mounted controls, cruise control, etc. But, this list would not go above Brezza’s. You won’t be getting a Heads-Up display, premium sound system, sunroof, etc which are present in the Brezza.

Upcoming Maruti SUV over Brezza?

Upcoming Maruti SUV

Maruti Brezza is a modern-day SUV with all the nips and ticks. On the other hand, Jimny is in a category where ruggedness and toughness are set as priorities. Then it’s also about the styling which is set poles apart. We can also talk about its pricing as Jimny could demand a premium over the Brezza. Why do you ask? If it ever has to get a 7-seater configuration, a more capable offroader, and possibly a 4×4 setup, then its premium could be justified. 

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