The capabilities of a 4×4 SUV are known to all—no doubt why it has always been a favourite choice for many buyers. If you are offered a 4×4 drivetrain in an SUV, automatically we tend to go for the setup due to its off-road capabilities. Its increasing demand has forced many manufacturers to offer 4×4 configurations in their rugged and more premium SUV offerings. Which are these new SUVs? Let us know about the 4 upcoming 4×4 SUV in India!

Upcoming 4×4 SUV – Force Gurkha 5-door’

Upcoming 4x4 SUV

The Gurkha has always remained a bare-boned yet true off-roader vehicle. Now, its offroad capabilities would be seen with a new 5-door body layout. This increased expansion by adding a rear door will not only increase its interior space but we can expect more practical features. The car has already been spotted testing many times which only hints towards a proper launch. The car is expected to launch at the Auto Expo 2023. The pricing could mount due to the extra ‘car’ you are getting whereas no changes are expected under the hood. 

Mahindra Thar 5-door

Upcoming 4x4 SUV

Mahindra’s next highly anticipated product is in the works which is basically a 5-door iteration of the iconic Thar. This 5-door version’ prime facet could be practicality which the 3-door version lacks. The Indian automaker could be targeting primary car buyers who are looking for an overall package in the lifestyle offroader segment. To read more about the Thar 5-door, click below.

Upcoming 4×4 SUV – Maruti Jimny 5 door

Upcoming 4x4 SUV

Maruti is forraying ahead to bring the successor of its legendary Gypsy. This new lifestyle offroader from Maruti could be better in every aspect. Be it practicality, offroad capabilities (with its 4×4 system), ruggedness and Maruti’s trusted service affordability and availability. This car could be a major blunder for the Thar’s sale as Maruti could place the Jimny cheaper than the Thar 5-door. However, the Jimny would be made available with a petrol engine only whereas the Thar is touted to get both powertrain options. 

New generation Toyota Fortuner

Upcoming 4x4 SUV

Toyota’s very popular -Fortuner is undergoing a generation update. There are talks about a new brand new Fortuner based on the TNGA-F architecture. This is the same platform underpinning the LC300 Land Cruiser. This could only mean that the upcoming Fortuner could have the same 4×4 pedigree as the apex LC. Moreover, features could be adopted from the new Innova HyCross and finally the new generation Fortuner could be able to justify its price.

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