Mahindra has been wanting to make a strong comeback in the electric space. For this, the brand has already been working on its ‘Born EVs’ which have been built from ground-up, keeping the whole EV bits in mind. The brand had already teased three Born EVs in February and had confirmed that it will unveiling them in July 2022. However, the unveil was later pushed to August. However, with everyone waiting for three Born Electric cars, Mahindra today ahs dropped a bomb and has unveiled 5 electric SUVs together. The first teaser only showcased the headlamps and the tail lamps with the rooflines slightly showcased. Contrary to this, today, the brand has teased the vehicles from the side, completely revealing their roofline profile. So, enough with the talking. Let’s discuss these 5 new Mahindra Born Electric SUV concepts in detail.

First concept

Born Electric concepts

The first one to be teased is a coupe SUV, which resembles the overall length of a C-segment SUV. The bonnet looks muscular, whereas the front windshield has been given an impression of flowing till the C-pillar. However, the rear windshield gets a heavily-sloped profile and meets the tail lamps. Overall, this looks more like a C-segment coupe SUV.

Second concept

Born Electric concepts

The second is a big SUV, which looks like one that would comfortably sit alongside some full-size SUVs. The front profile is flat with a slightly sloping bonnet. The windshield smoothly connects to the roof which flows till the C-pillar before seeing a sudden drop to the rear fascia. This is something similar to any typical SUV.

Born Electric concepts – Third concept

Born Electric concepts

The third one looks more like a mid-size SUV with much of its profile similar to the first one. However, this one is less raked at the rear when compared to the first concept.

Fourth Concept

Born Electric concepts

This one looks like a more premium offering, with a profile similar to that of the Mercedes GLE Coupe. Could this sit as the top-of-the-line offering, competing with premium EVs? Only time will tell what Mahindra is planning.

Born Electric concepts – Fifth Concept

Born Electric concepts

This concept looks like a full-blown coupe SUV which could be designed for achieving minimum drag coefficient thanks to the help of a long tail.

Mahindra had earlier announced that it plans to launch 5 SUVs by 2027, out of which 4 will be Born Electric SUVs. The brand will also be unveiling the XUV400 in September. This means that one of these concepts could actually be just to showcase what the brand has in its vision for electric SUVs post 2027. We expect the last concept to fulfill this purpose as it gets a long tail and Mahindra would be looking to minimise the drag as it moves on in terms of design with its EVs.

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