Tata is riding high in terms of sales. If we rewind a few years back, Tata was in the bottom half of the sales chart. It was struggling to sell cars due to its ageing lineup. Tata had to completely reinvent itself and the results are a proof that the brand has actually re-invented itself. Tata is competing with Hyundai for the second spot on the manufacturer’s sales chart. So how did Tata achieve this? The major contributor to this revival has been its SUV lineup. Tata wants to continue this momentum by bringing more SUVs in the coming time. To do this, Tata is also planning to bring back iconic nameplates like the Sierra EV. The old Sierra was a unique product, and the new Sierra would want to continue the trend. In today’s article, we will talk about what to expect from the Sierra EV as well as how expecting a 600km range from it makes sense.

Sierra EV – Return of the Legend?

Sierra EV range

As a product, the Sierra EV was discontinued in 2003, but its legacy is still alive. Tata knows the importance of this nameplate. At the Auto Expo 2020, Tata surprised everyone by displaying the Sierra EV concept. This EV concept had that Sierra vibe but with a modern touch. So will we actually see a production version of the Sierra EV? Tata hasn’t confirmed anything, but some strong reports are suggesting that it is already under development. Like the original Sierra, the Sierra EV could face no competition, if we consider its design. It might face competition in its price range, but it will be a unique product in the EV segment.


Sierra EV range

Tata is building an electric-only Sigma platform for its future electric vehicles. The Sigma platform is a modified version of the existing Alpha Architecture but is heavily modified for electrification. With these modifications, Tata doesn’t want to compromise the battery packing space. The Sierra could be based on this Sigma platform. What about the specifications? For now, there is no clarity on the specifications of the Sierra EV, however, we expect it to come with really impressive power and range figures. Why do we expect this, you may ask? We have discussed the answer to it along with launch timeline. Read on for the details.


Sierra EV range

Nowadays, features have become mainstream for any car. The Sierra EV will be a premium offering, and Tata will have to justify that with a lot of new features. What kind of features can it get? A premium sound system, panoramic sunroof, dual-zone climate control, a big touchscreen infotainment system, multi-mode region, connected car technology, multi-colour ambient lighting, etc. could be some of them. As the Sierra EV is expected to be an off-roader, it could come with off-roading focused setup. Could this be the first electric off-roader in the country? Probably yes, but only time will tell if it holds any surprises.

Sierra EV launch timeline & range

Sierra EV range

As mentioned above, there are some strong reports hinting that the Sierra EV is under development. So when can we expect the Sierra EV? While development of the Sierra EV is underway, the Sierra EV launch may not happen before 2025. Before the Sierra, Tata will launch a sleeve of products including the Curvv and Avinya.

Now, let’s answer the question on why we think the Sierra EV could come with impressive power and range figures. As mentioned here, Avinya is expected to see a launch around 2025. Tata revealed its plans of offering 500km+ range with the Avinya EV. Now, by the time Sierra EV arrives, technology would have further developed and it might not be difficult for the brand to offer higher range figures. Now, a 600km range (claimed) could actually be a possibility since translating to real-world, the range may drop to around 450km considering the weight of the vehicle as well as the off-roading setup for this EV. Keeping all of this in mind, a 600km claimed range will actually make sense for a buyer. Anything above it would definitely be welcomed.

What are your thoughts about the Sierra EV? Do let us know in the comments.

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