Ola S1 Pro does offer a lot of things at an attractive price of Rs 1,42,740 (on-road, Mumbai). As it is an EV, Ola can improve it with Over the Air (OTA) updates. So Ola has been working on a new update called the ‘MoveOS 2’ for quite some time now. Ola will be starting the official rollout on the 19th of June. The brand is even hosting an event at their Future Factory for its customers. In today’s article, we will talk about what’s new in the MoveOS 2. Let’s go.


Ola MoveOS 2

The ‘MoveOS 2’ has added a new ECO mode to the Ola S1 Pro. So what does this mode do? As the name suggests, it extracts maximum range from the scooter and restricts the speed to 40kmph. Ola claims that this mode gives the scooter a range of 170km, but some people have extracted even more (200km+). This is quite suitable for people riding in congested cities.

Ola MoveOS 2 – Cruise control

Ola MoveOS 2

Cruise control in a scooter? Yes, you are reading it right. Ola is the first scooter to get cruise control in India. You can start cruise control at any speed above 20km with a simple press of the button. To deactivate, you have to press the brake.

Companion app

Ola MoveOS 2

MoveOS 2 has also enabled app support for the Ola S1 pro. The app is called Ola Electric which can be downloaded on Android and iOS phones. With this app, you can pair your phone with the scooter, enabling a lot of functions via the app itself.


Ola MoveOS 2

The MoveOS 2 update brings navigation support to the Ola S1 Pro. Ola is using ‘MapMyindia’ maps on the S1 Pro. Through this, users can access maps on the touchscreen. For the most part, the navigation works flawlessly, but it takes some time to find your current location. This could be because the software still being in its beta phase. We hope Ola solves this issue in the final version. 

Ola MoveOS 2 – Music Playback

Ola MoveOS 2

Another unique feature of the Ola S1 pro is music playback. Ola had shown this feature at the launch event of the scooter and now, MoveOS update has enabled it. So how to use it? You just have to pair it like any other Bluetooth device you use. This feature is generally found on very high-end motorcycles like Harley Davidson, Indian, etc. So at this price range, having this feature is quite cool.

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