Most of Maruti’s cars stand tall in the sales chart. Such has been its dominance in the market. But one segment Maruti never dabbled in is the hatchback crossover segment. We have many players from this segment in the past attracting buyers while Maruti stayed away from this segment. However, the brand could finally be planning to do something. At least that is what the plans for the Baleno Cross hint. In today’s article, we will be discussing this plan to revive a popular segment with the new Maruti Baleno.

Why will Maruti do it?

New Maruti Baleno

Before the SUV craze took over, hatchback crossovers were a big fad in the country. This segment consisted of cars like the Hyundai i20 Active, Volkswagen Polo Cross, Fiat Avventura and Toyota Etios Cross. But over time, this segment died down. So why will Maruti come back in such a segment? With no competition, Maruti has sensed a need for such cars. So it is touted to be working on a crossover version of the Baleno. It will mostly lie between a hatchback and an SUV in terms of styling.

Dimensions and design

New Maruti Baleno

Dimensions like the length and width are expected to remain the same. Maruti may however raise the suspension to improve its ground clearance and give it an SUV-like stance. So we could see an increase in height. What about the design? Overall the design is expected to remain identical, but Maruti may give it more cladding to give the car a rugged look.

New Maruti Baleno – Specifications

The Baleno Cross will most likely continue with the same 1.2-litre DualJet petrol engine option. This engine makes 88bhp & 113Nm of torque. Transmission options could include a manual and an automatic option. Maruti will want to draw in maximum customers for this car, so skipping on an automatic gearbox might not be feasible for them.


New Maruti Baleno

The new Baleno comes loaded with features. So we expect the Baleno Cross to carry forward most of these features. Features like the 360-degree parking camera, heads-up display and a 9.0-inch infotainment system are expected to be carried over. Will it get some Baleno Cross specific features? Maruti could surprise everyone with a sunroof in the Baleno Cross. However, we will have to wait to exactly understand what Maruti is planning.  

New Maruti Baleno – Launch timeline

New Maruti Baleno

So, when is it coming? According to estimates, it could be launched by mid-2023. As far as pricing is concerned, the Baleno Cross could be priced Rs 70k to Rs 1 lakh above the regular Baleno. Seeing Maruti, could Hyundai bring back the i20 Active? Nothing is known as of now, but Hyundai could look to bring back the i20 Active. What do you think of this segment? Do you think it could flourish in this day and age of micro and compact SUVs? Pour your thoughts in the comments section.

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