Maruti needs no special mention in the Indian automobile sector. It has remained at the top, but now Maruti needs to make a big overhaul to further strong its lead. Maruti does realise this and is reinventing itself with its upcoming product lineup. We have already seen some glimpses of this change in the new Baleno, Ertiga and XL6. In today’s article, we will discuss how Maruti is bringing a big change to its new cars that are coming in the future. Let’s begin.

New designs

new Maruti cars coming

Maruti is focusing on a design philosophy that will attract more young & modern buyers. Such young buyers appreciate sporty and sharp looking cars. We are seeing Maruti’s new design language in the new Celerio and the new Baleno facelift. Maruti is also looking to better this design on the upcoming Brezza as well as the upcoming mid-size SUV. Design plays a major role for many buyers and Maruti has definitely kept this as its priority.

New Maruti cars coming – Enhanced fuel efficiency

new Maruti cars coming

Maruti is already known for its fuel-efficient cars, but the brand is now looking to go a step further. It has improved the fuel-efficiency on every car that they have updated recently. The new Celerio is their most fuel-efficient car as of today which returns an ARAI-claimed mileage of 26.68kmpl. Maruti is also dabbling into CNG and hybrid technology to further improve mileage. It is already working with Toyota to bring a strong hybrid setup to its upcoming mid-size SUV. Maruti will be looking to take on established rivals in the segment with its hybrid setup. So, the question here is, will Maruti remain the king of ‘Kitna Deti Hai’? Looks like that will be the case for the foreseeable future, as far as petrol engines are concerned.


new Maruti cars coming

To be frank, safety was never Maruti’s strong point since the brand exchanged high safety ratings with high fuel-efficiency. However, it has still faced a lot of criticism for the safety of its cars. But now, Maruti has started focusing on safety as well since that is what the modern-age customer demands. The recently-launched Baleno facelift comes with more safety features and high tensile steel. It remains to be seen how well the Baleno performs at GNCAP, but it is a step in the right direction by Maruti. Upcoming Brezza is already being touted to easily gain a five-star crash test rating by GNCAP itself. We expect high safety to be kept at a pedestal for all future cars from the brand.

New Maruti cars coming – More features

new Maruti cars coming

Maruti is one manufacturer that has stayed away from fancy features. But the recent surge of feature-rich cars has also forced Maruti to add features. In the new Baleno, Maruti added segment-first features like a heads-up display and 360-degree camera. It has also given a feature like ventilated seats to the XL6. Maruti’s next big launch, the Brezza is coming with a sunroof, a feature which Maruti has clearly avoided for many years. So will this strategy pay dividends to Maruti? Only time will tell but Maruti definitely is on a route to bring a change to how people look at their cars and reinvent itself in the country.

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