Tata Nexon has topped the sales charts for four straight months this year with sales figures for May still awaited. The Nexon has been able to achieve this feat thanks to the overall package that it turns out to be when compared to its competition. The Nexon has a strong foot in the safety, cabin comfort and feature department. Thanks to all of this, the Nexon has been able to overtake every major competition in the segment that once sat at the top as ‘segment-king’. However, this run might not be for long. One prominent rival that once sat as the ‘segment-king’ is coming back, aiming to claim back its position at the top. We are talking about the Hyundai Venue here. The Venue soon climbed the ladders of success when it was first launched but lost its top position due to slow update cycle. However, Hyundai is planning to make a strong mark with the Venue facelift this time. In this article, we will be discussing everything we know about the Tata Nexon competition including expected specifications, features as well as launch dates.

How different will the Venue facelift look?

Tata Nexon competition

Although design is subjective but still the currently-available Venue’s design turns out to be a hit-or-miss for most people. Whereas many people like the apparently ‘cute’ design, some strike it off as ‘not so imposing’ when compared to the rivals. However, earlier spy shots have hinted towards the Venue facelift coming with a much sharper design. The tail lamps will be more sharp when compared to the rectangular ones on the current one. The tail lamps are however expected to follow the same pattern with LED DRLs taking the eyebrow position and the main headlamp unit taking the lower spot. Apart from these, regular changes like new alloy wheels, new grille and new bumpers are also expected. 

Nothing major is expected to change in the overall layout if the cabin, however, some changes are expected which we will discuss in a few when we discuss features.

Tata Nexon competition – What could the specifications be like?

Tata Nexon competition

Since this will only be a facelift, we don’t expect to see any changes in the overall dimensions. Taking the powertrains into consideration, we expect Hyundai to retain most bits of it. This means that the 1.2-litre naturally-aspirated petrol unit, the 1.5-litre diesel unit and the 1.0-litre turbo-petrol unit are expected to be carried to the facelift as well. However, since this will is a facelift, we expect some sort of re-tuning to be done to the engines in order to produce slightly more power and torque. Even the gearbox options are expected to be continued, however, this time, we expect Hyundai to add an option of automatic gearbox to its diesel engine as well. This is one place where the Hyundai takes a hit when compared to most of the competition.

Tata Nexon competition – What about features?

Tata Nexon competition

Features is something where the brand excels. Hyundai has always been appreciated for loading it cars with features. Same is expected to be the case with Venue facelift. Features like a bigger touchscreen infotainment system (mostly the 10.25-inch unit that goes to the i20 and Verna) and a fully-digital instrument cluster could play a major role in enhancing the overall appeal of the cabin. Apart from these, additions like a premium sound system, multi-colour ambient lighting, HUD, 360-degree camera, ventilated seats, etc. could make their way to the offering list in order to give tough fight to the competition. Could the Venue facelift come with some ADAS features? Nothing can be said as of now. Hyundai could or could not be planning to disrupt the segment via this route.

Launch & Pricing

As far as the unveiling is concerned, we expect it to happen sometime around mid of June this year. The launch would follow soon after. Now, coming to pricing, we definitely expect to see a bump over the current pricing.


This time around, Hyundai is all set to bring in a special N Line variant for the Venue as well. The Venue N Line is expected to come with the regular N Line-specific bits including special coloured accents on the bumpers, body fenders and interiors. A new chequered-flag similar to the i20 N Line is also expected to make its way to the Venue N Line. New alloys and twin-tip exhausts are also expected. Apart from these, the suspension to undergo some re-tuning to give the car sportier ride dynamics. Even the exhaust note could see some special tuning to make the Venue N Line sound more mean.

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