India is a growing EV market. We are seeing manufacturers like Tata and MG trying their luck in this space with their EVs. But Maruti, the biggest manufacturer in India, has been silent regarding its EV plan. It was expected that Maruti’s first EV will be the WagonR EV, which it had been testing since 2018 but according to reports, it seems to have axed this plan. In today’s article, we will see why we will never see this Rs 8 lakh electric car.

Information about the WagonR EV

Rs 8 lakh electric car

Maruti had showcased the prototype of the WagonR EV 2018 at the MOVE Mobility Summit. Maruti had also started road testing of the prototype after the event. It had even made some production-ready units of the WagonR EV at its Gurgaon plant.

Rs 8 lakh electric car – Pricing

Rs 8 lakh electric car

Maruti is known for its value for money cars but making electric vehicles is a different ball game. Making a WagonR EV would be quite expensive compared to its ICE-equivalent. So a Rs 10 lakh WagonR EV would have been a bit too expensive for the brand. It would have been quite a gamble considering the low sales in the electric space. 

Change in plan

Rs 8 lakh electric car

Maruti is not looking to directly convert ICE cars into EVs – a strategy being used by Tata. Since it has collaborated with Toyota, Maruti has taken a different route in EV product development. Toyota is pushing forward with new electric vehicles from the ground up. We have written an article on what could be Maruti-Toyota’s first EV. You can check it out by clicking on the link below.

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