Skoda had always been a niche sedan brand in India. It was preferred by enthusiasts for good driving dynamics and supreme fit-and-finish quality of its cars. However, Skoda wanted to broaden its horizon with the India-specific ‘Project 2.0’. Through this, the brand is now focusing on heavy-localisation in order to lower costs. It recently launched the Slavia, replacing the long-running Rapid. Considering the declining sedan segment, Skoda has loaded the Slavia with a lot of features. But still, Skoda did miss some features which could have made Slavia an even better product. In today’s article, we will see what Skoda forgot to put in the Slavia.

Electrically adjustable seats

Skoda Slavia features

Electrically-adjustable seats are motor-powered and can be adjusted from the press of the button. Skoda should have given this feature on the Slavia considering the price that it demands in the market. This being a common feature in the market is surely a miss.

Skoda Slavia features – Diesel engine 

Skoda Slavia features

Though emission norms have gotten tighter, diesel remains a popular choice in India. Slavia’s competitors like the Hyundai Verna & Honda City, both do come with diesel engines. Although Skoda’s latest strategy does not involve diesel engines, but these engines are still in demand.

All-disc brakes

Skoda Slavia features

Disc brakes provide better stopping ability than drum brakes. The Slavia only comes with front disc brakes. Considering the fact that Slavia is geared for performance, Skoda should have given it all-disc brakes to improve its safety. In comparison, the Verna comes with all-disc brakes in its turbo variants. 

Skoda Slavia features – Front parking sensors

Skoda Slavia features

Front parking sensors are a good addition to enhance safety while manoeuvring in tight spots. These sensors can actually prove to be helpful especially in long cars like sedans. In this segment, the Hyundai Verna get front parking sensors in its turbo variants.

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