Features have become an important USP in the Indian market. Earlier, people used to see the spec sheet of the cars before buying. Now people see the feature list before buying their new cars. Manufacturers try their best to load their cars with segment-first features. Manufacturers load these segment-first features to give a unique touch to their cars. Mahindra, as a manufacturer, is known for loading its cars with segment-first features. In today’s article, we will see segment first features that Mahindra offers on its car. 


Segment first features Mahindra

XUV300 is a Mahindra compact SUV in India. Mahindra had given it a lot of segment features to take on the competition cars. It gets dual-zone climate control which is a boon in our climatic conditions. XUV300 also comes with all disc brakes standard on all its variants. No car in this segment offers discs even on top variants. Another thing is that it gets three headrests on the backseats, which is unique in this segment. The XUV300 also gets steering modes like normal, comfort and sport. This optimises the steering feel and feedback as per the driver’s need. It also gets a tyre-position display assisting the drivers while starting the car. 

Segment first features Mahindra- XUV700

Segment first features Mahindra

The XUV700 was one of the most hotly anticipated cars in the Indian market. Mahindra has lived up to the hype by pricing it competitively and loading it with features. It is the only car in its segment to come with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). ADAS is a big safety feature that has a lot of practical use. It also comes with a Sony surround sound system which is a feature that only comes with luxury cars. Smart door handles are another segment-first on the XUV700. XUV700 also comes with personalised safety alerts. It will run a personal voice recording when the car is overspeeding or driven rashly. Auto-booster headlamps are another segment first. It automatically increases the throw of the light after the car crosses 80km/hr. 

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