The lifestyle SUV segment has gotten popular in India. Currently, the Thar rules this segment. It has a waiting period of over a year, showing its popularity. Maruti is looking to enter this segment with its Jimny. Jimny is a hotly anticipated product in this segment. It has a lot of perks over the Thar. In today’s article, we will see five reasons why Jimny will be a success. 


Reasons Jimny will be a success

Maruti cars are famous for their affordable maintenance cost. Maruti maintenance cost is the lowest in our country. We don’t expect Jimny to be an exception to this. Mahindra after sales are not that expensive, but still, it can’t compete with Maruti’s low maintenance. The Jimny will be the most affordable lifestyle SUV to maintain. 

Resale value

Another strong point of Maruti cars is their high resale value. In the second-hand market, Maruti cars are always in demand due to their low maintenance and reliability. The Jimny will also be popular in the resale market as it will be in demand like the Thar. 

Reasons Jimny will be a success 5-door 

Another strong point for the Jimny will be that it is a 5-door. The Thar comes in a 3-door form. The 5-door is a more practical and conventional variant. It is especially good for families that would like to go on trips together. This will be a strong point for Jimny and Maruti will surely capitalize on it. 

Reasons Jimny will be a success Service Network

Maruti has one of the best service networks in the country. It has service centres in all the corners of the country. This can be really helpful if you are looking to tour the country in Jimny. Mahindra also has a decent enough service network, but it can compete with the Maruti network. 

Overall value for money

Reasons Jimny will be a success

The Jimny will be an overall value for money package. It will most likely be the cheapest car with all-wheel drive. Also, if you factor in maintenance and the good average of Maruti cars, the Jimny will be more cost-effective than the Thar. Also, Maruti will look to undercut the Thar with its pricing. 

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